Boom and bust for solar panels

A fresh view of the PV solar panel (photovoltaic) industry. Bank holiday chaos will once again mark the advent of the British summertime.

Power My Home PV Solar Panels UKThe sun is shining, and our overcrowded island and roads, will once again; fill up with expectant and fun savvy families.

The same can also say for the next round of energy-savvy families wishing to install PV panels to their home.

The current feed-in tariff rate will continue right through the summer months, and people will flock in their thousands, to be one of the lucky ones who receive the higher percentage of the tariff at 15.44 pence per kWh.

Just like the legendary queues at the bank holiday destinations, people see another repeat of the December chaos when the feed-in tariff was reduced.

The disappointment felt by thousands of people who didn’t manage to get a solar installation completed before the cut-off date, was sizeable, and it now looks as though history will be once again repeating.

The current feed-in tariff rate will reduce, but this is good news for home and business owners, who are thinking about adopting solar panel technology.

Good news? Yes, because the reason the feed-in tariff must reduce because of the fast-falling costs of average solar panel installation. Your installation today will cost around 40% cheaper than the original up takers of the feed-in tariff scheme, in 2010. Now, that’s the right news for everyone.

The reduction rate in tariff payments is equal to fall in costs of an installation, which from the public’s perspective is lovely. Less outlay from the start.

The next feed-in tariff rate will be 15.44 pence per kWh generated. Despite the lower amount, this tariff rate is expected to give a respectable 6% return on investment when introduced.

So here we are again, some lucky people will receive the higher 15.44 pence incentive, if installed before August, rather than coming 15.44 pence. An inevitable boom and bust period to happen, so if you are thinking about installing solar panels, then don’t hesitate any longer.

Get a quote and begin your passion for solar panels, sooner rather than later.

As solar panels become a more important and widespread way of reducing homes and commercial energy costs, you would surely regret not being a pioneer adopter with this window of opportunity.

A solar panels forecast

For those that think solar technology is a fad, please think again. Currently, solar panels represent the only easy to implement a way of substantially reducing energy costs after basic insulation measures.

If you need more persuasion that now is the best time to install, than the current trend of falling technology costs, which are unlikely to last indefinitely, because the rare Earth metals involved in the manufacture of these systems are becoming harder to attain (like oil itself).

China currently has a monopoly on the current, rare Earth supply chain. Unless any new panel, manufacturing breakthroughs happens soon, then the ongoing price reductions are unlikely to continue long-term.

The UK government needs to be careful it doesn’t trade reliance on imported oil for a dependence on Chinese manufactured solar panels.

The window of opportunity, which the tariff, alongside the low cost of the technology/installation has presented itself, will close forever.

Another bank holiday getaway is as predictable as the rain which usually engulfs it, so too is the next rush for PV solar technologies, yet again.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2012-05-31