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World-leading regulations have made Britain a global forerunner in domestic PV standards.

Do I need planning permission?

No. From 2008, planning permission was no longer required, unless you live in a listed building. Even then, most councils will allow in most cases.

Is my roof suitable?

Most homes in the UK are suitable. If you have a South, South East, Southwest or East and West facing roof space un-obscured by shading.

The UK receives 60% of the sun's radiation compared to the equatorial regions.

How much power is generated?

PV solar panels may reduce energy bills by about 70%, and paying for themselves in 8 to 12 years.

Surprisingly to most, even in the winter months, they could produce around 50%.

We love PV and EV installers.

"It'll pay for itself in the early years,
then decades of open road."

How much do solar panels cost?

Domestic solar panels come in different types and a variety of different costs and configurations.

We recommend PV for its versatility.

Do we get enough sunshine?

Solar panels do work in diffused light conditions.

Each square metre of the UK receives between 900-1400 kWh annually per year.

How long do they last?

PV solar panels installed in the 1960s are still generating today.

Expect 80% generating capacity remaining after twenty years, including manufacturers warranty and installer warranty of ten years. A three-decade lifespan is standard.

Can they replace energy bills?

No. You won't be able to replace totally, but you can expect free electricity, hot water and vehicle mileage for the majority of the year.

How can PV extend the life of my boiler?

50% of all systems installed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway were to supply space heating systems, while in Sweden and Canada it was more. These countries have a similar climate to the UK.

PV-heating converters extend the lifespan of your boiler because your boiler won't fire up as often.

On sunny days, temperatures of 75 Celcius can be achieved (45 Celcius is hot enough for bathing). This figure is dependent on microclimate, geographical position and a PV-heat converter being installed.

Can they add value to my property?

A 2009 survey by MORI found people are willing to pay more for a solar-equipped home compared to one without.

Do I need to clean my solar panels?

Solar panels have a self-cleaning glass surface. However, depending on your location, and may be more prone to environmental dirt, i.e. Tree resin, urban dust or bird poo. If these are an issue, then most window cleaners can clean.

Will solar panels produce all my electricity?

In most cases, no, but this depends on your consumption rate and the size of the system installed. Large-sized systems might be able to while running alongside a battery storage device.

Roof or ground-mounted?

Yes. On an A-frame to angled at 20 and 50°.

How does PV charge a battery storage?

Today, we can generate and store power for evening use.

Self-consumption using a battery storage is a modern way to power your lifestyle. These PV systems generate approx 4,500 kWh per year easily and so storage is a useful addition.

Battery storage devices retain 80% charging capacity after twenty years.

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Can PV heat my water tank?

This innovation changed the game for PV's viability.

It's the ability to heat a hot water tank or thermal storage unit that gives PV solar panels an extra benefit.

Today, this plugin gives the benefits of two solar technologies in one. Before the advent of PV-converters, an evacuated tube system was required.

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Can PV charge my car?

Many homeowners installed PV systems over the last decade because it was a sure thing and bestowed pioneering status.

The next logical step is to trade in your old gas-guzzler for an EV (electric vehicle) charged for free with solar panels.

Expand the benefits from your solar technology with free mileage.

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Do these work well in northern climates?

Even the UK receives 60% of the sun's radiation compared to the equator.

Each square metre of the UK gets between 900 to 1,400 kWh of energy annually, so this technology does work in the UK's climate.

Can I install myself?

PV export tariff eligible systems must be carried out and certified, by an accredited MCS solar panel installer to qualify.

Are solar panels suitable for my property?

Additionally, PV systems vary in size, so we'll ask a few questions about your property to establish your options and costs.


Once the myths are busted, a PV-powered life becomes newfound freedom.

Admittedly, they won't benefit you much on a snowy day in February, but that doesn't subtract from its usefulness for the rest of the year.

The landscape is shifting towards self-generation.

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"Our solar panel system seems to be on course to earn me the predicted revenue. Putting the purchase price into a saving account would produce little-to-nothing. The numbers speak for themselves. I'm proud to be the first on our street to install and reducing my bills too. Happy to recommend."
Mr. Driver, Yorkshire.

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