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DIY Off-grid PV solar panel installation kits.

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DIY PV solar panels offer the benefits of an off-grid or parallel supply

Learn about off-grid PV solar panel systems running in parallel to reduce the import demands of your home or business. Install on a DIY basis or work alongside a local tradesperson.

DIY solar panel systems save on your power demands and may be helpful for renters wanting to take the system away long-term. An ideal project if you have a garage with a sunny roof.

In a nutshell:

Everything is supplied in a 24 Volt 780-2400W self-install kit to create a parallel electrical supply that'll give you decades of free power independent from the National Grid.

Popular hobbyist and trade installation kits can be viewed here.

We love PV and EV installers.

Off-grid systems are easy to install or work with a local sparky/roofer.

Go solar.

Health and safety should a priority when self-installing PV solar panels.

1. A safe working platform with ladders to help protect the roof surface and spread the weight of the installer. Locating the Inverter/Battery Pack next to your planned wire entry area is advisable to keep the wiring length as short as possible.

2. Clamp the aluminum 'horizontal rails' while checking they're square before committing to the final clamp down with additional roofing-grade sealant around the fixing points. The best part of an installation is fixing each photovoltaic panel while connecting in series, routing, and securing the wiring with cable ties. A microfiber cloth is handy to wipe down as you go.

3. Run your wiring down to your Inverter's location. This can be secured to an additional board to house the electrical components and the battery's location.

4. Enjoy your first cup of tea made with your PV-powered electricity. You've joined a growing army of people who benefit from solar panels.

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