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Do solar panels help sell your house?

Installing PV solar panels has had an unexpected benefit. Solar panels do make a house more desirable to buyers.

PV increases the value and sell-ability. This applies if you install the solar panels yourself. Companies that offer free Photovoltaic solar panels will have the opposite effect.

PV solar panels will quickly become a white elephant is owned by a third-party. Estate agents have seen properties with solar panels installed selling for up to 5-10% more than those without.

Why do solar panels make a difference when selling? Since the introduction of the feed-in tariff in April 2010, installing PV solar panels is regarded as one of the most secure and government-backed investments.

Firstly, there are the savings made on energy bills through self-generation. This is a fantastic selling point, especially when working alongside battery storage.

An average property with solar technology is always going to outshine the competition.

When selling, pitching to potential buyers is so easy because they’ll already have paid the capital investment of installing them at the point of purchasing the house. If they buy, they will get the benefit of cheaper electric bills and also, 5.44p for every unit exported for the next couple of decades. Buyers would be crazy not to buy into that!

Relax and enjoy the benefits of your solar panels, but if you do decide to move, then they will help sell for an additional premium.

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07/09/2014 14:43
Reply to  Peter

£600 a year for £12000 set of panels would repay in 20 years just from the feed in tariff!
But you would have the same amount in savings from your energy bills, so it would repay in just 6 years and then you would enjoy £600 tax free and index linked for 14 years!!!!!!!!!!

Then lets try and find some negtive, what if you need work on your roof?
firstly the panels would protect the roof as they would take the wind and rain before it even got to your roof, Before the panels would be fitted it would have to be checked that it is in good order to take the panels…

But in the very strange case that your roof did need to be repaired, you could at least use the money from the panels to cover the costs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16/02/2012 15:04

Cant see how this works. ok £12000 for panels lets say with a return of about £600 a year offset that against having that £12,000 in the bank and your talking 50yrs just to recover the £12000 which of course wouldnt be worth £12000 then. I can buy an awful lot of electricity for £12,000. Then what happens if you need a roof repair

Sue Todd
08/11/2011 00:22

I am thinking of investing in solar panels on my roof which will cost about £12,000. I am also thinking of selling the house in a year or two. Will i still be able to recieve the income from the solar panels or will this revert to the new owners

look forward to your reply


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