Export tariff rate for PV solar panels

In a court judgment, the export tariff for PV solar panels was reinstated. The 15.44 pence per kWh was found to have been removed unlawfully.

Good news for an uncertain solar installer industry. This higher rate will only be applicable to PV (photovoltaic) installations completed before the 3rd of March 2012. This’ll create a scenario where homeowners scrambled to complete installations before the deadline date.

If you wish to beat the deadline, it’s best to install sooner rather than later. Understandably, there are installation dates available, but they’re limited. It’s good news for the solar industry and the country.

The truth is, a vibrant PV solar industry generates far more for the country than is spent. This is shown time and time again across the world.

This is an excellent deal comparing to what future adopters receive. The scheme is designed to decline steadily. One-day, energy pricing will force people to adopt solar panels, but be aware that these government-backed incentives may be gone by that same day.

That’s why solar panels have an important place in our energy-hungry lifestyles. Since beginning this project after hearing about the steady decline of the North Sea reserves, the importance of PV is undeniable. Ultimately, reducing dependence can only be a good thing over the long-term.

PV solar panel’s time has come.

Stuart Lovatt 2012-01-26