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We had men at door saying they were from Everest Windows.
Quoting that the company had been around for years and was now into solar energy.
They offered to fit a “booster” in my attic, check the whole system plus give me a parts and labour 10 year guarantee. Their data showed panels going from 48% up to 97% efficiency. Cost….£3000. I left the room and phoned Everest who confirmed it was correct. I paid £1500 via credit card with balance due once booster was installed.A guy from REI Ltd {supposedly} arrived 10 days later spent 10 minutes in loft. I did not see any bits going in or bits coming out. This was nearly 3 months ago and my efficiency hasn’t changed.I was called one hour after he left for balance but I didn’t pay as I had no paperwork. The guy that signed us up said he had picked up wrong pad and wrote on that saying we would get correct paperwork. His pad was for windows and doors.
I managed to get a few names/emails/addresses whilst not paying balance. On further checking, these people had registered Everest Windows and Doors with similar Logo just 2 months previously. I raised a section 75 claim against my credit card.They want me to get a solar panel engineer to check my system to find out what the guy fitted. I have emailed a few but none have replied. So, does anyone have details of a Company in Fife area that may give me an honest written answer?
Bit long I know but thanks for reading.

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