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Hi Jason

PV Solar I think are owned by the same people that run HELMS. They are based just south of Glasgow.

I hadn’t noticed them around under the PV Solar banner for a few years.

I would recommend reading this guide before committing to spending a further £5500 on batteries and VO.


If I were you the questions I’d be asking:

1. How long till I need to change the batteries and at what potential cost.

2. How much am I likely to save off my electricity bill. This is the difficult one. You’ve had solar for a couple of years so you will have figures for what your system has generated. In the normal course of events you will be using say 30%. So do your sums based on this.

If you have a hot water cylinder rather than a Combi boiler then I’d be looking at a power diverter for your surplus power rather than a battery storage system. The cost is approx £550 rather tan £5500 and will give you free hot water during the brighter months.

See: https://www.immersun.co.uk/

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