Power My Home solar panels in the UK.


Solar panels produce DC (Direct Current) similar to batteries and dynamos.

The grid runs on AC (Alternating Current).

Put them together and you have a famous Australian based metal band….

However, in the renewable world we need to take the DC current your panels produce and invert it to AC so you can use it in your home.

Currently there are three ways of doing this:

1.A string inverter which sits inside your house, usually in your attic or internal garage, and is about the size of wall mounted juke box
2. Micro inverters, which fit under each panel and do the conversion on your roof.
3. Power Optimisers which replace the junction box on each panel and as the name suggest optimise the power generated by each panel individually. However, there is also still an internal inverter with this system to finish off the conversion.

All have +’s and -‘s.

It’s about horses for courses and trusting your installer to recommend the best solution given your circumstances.

That’s why is always good to research your installer. Ask them about each and to give your contact details so you can speak to folks that have them.

A better way.

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