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Tom Peckham

Thank you for the reply. I think that my argument in the previous reply was logical. I agree that I get paid for the units of power that are generated by the PV solar panels.

As I said,over the full year I use at least as much as I generate and over 100% more besides.

Trying to simplify my earlier argument, all that I can say is that if I generate, say for example, 1000 KWh in a full year, I receive payment on that amount of power generated under the FIT scheme.

If I use in my house over the year say 3000 KWh of power, because I have generated 1000 KWh of power I do not have to pay the supplier for that amount of power. Theoretically I have exported it by not consuming it. That is, if your argument is correct, provided that at no time in the year my incoming power meter does not run backwards. i.e. I am using all that my photovoltaic panels generate.

According to your argument, if at any time in the year my incoming power meter does run backwards because for a few days the PV panels generate more than I use, then it would appear to me that I will be penalised if a meter is fitted that will not run backwards, thus recording the actual power sent to the grid. As I said earlier, if I use it all, then I am not thus penalised. The incentive is for me to use the power deliberately rather than to export it!

My argument is I am sure logically correct!

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