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PV solar panels and heating converters

Evacuated tubes and flat-plate panels were the most common form of solar heating until the advent of PV-powered heating converters. This technology converts excess power from your photovoltaic panels to heat your home.

PV & heating converters.

Sunshine solar panels. OPTIONAL - PV-hot-water converters can be part of a PV-package deal or incrementally installed further down your solar-powered road.

In a nutshell.

This new system is an innovative solar energy management product that puts your PV solar panels and their excess power to use within your home before exporting to the grid.

This system means you don't have to pay to import increasingly expensive electricity later for heating your tank. A standard water heating costs usually amount to 25% (depending on tank efficiency) of a typical household's energy costs, and that's a sizable additional saving.

Most households use a tank and immersion heater element to heat their hot water requirements, so it makes sense to adapt your existing solar technology to provide for this too.

The science bit.

For most households, using an immersion element is the most expensive way to achieve your daily hot water requirements, so using your already installed PV solar panel system to heat your hot water.


Compatible system sizes: 0.5-4KWp.
Size: 198 mm x 132 mm x 68 mm.
Immersion or Heater Power: 100W-3500W.

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Self-consumption with hot water converters?

Self-consumption cuts out the unnecessary and costly middle step, allowing homeowners to cut their bills by generating and using their valuable solar power on their property.

  • You will still be entitled to your feed-in tariff revenues even though you have used the power yourself.
  • You don't have to pay to import increasingly expensive electricity later for heating your tank.
  • The more of your hot water needs are powered by free-generated electricity, the higher the savings as a proportion of your system's income.
  • Energy generated and consumed on site has always been the cleanest form of energy - now it's the cheapest too.

The latest eco-tech technology can enable you to adopt the following self-consumption habits, which will both allow homeowners to maximise the financial benefits of their solar PV panels and achieve the environmentally desirable state of self-sufficiency.

How to heat hot water with PV solar panels in the United Kingdom.

Monitor your generation.

Keeping track of the amount of energy produced at your property will put you in the best position to gain the more out of green power.

Installing an energy monitor such as the ImmerSUN enables you to track energy generation over the course of a day, a week or a year. Using this information, you can then decide when your PV panels are producing enough energy to power your washing machine and your kettle, and when you should stick to powering one device.

Save the surplus.

There's nothing more satisfying than powering your home using energy generated by the solar PV panels on your roof, but what if you're out all day at work? It's still possible: the latest eco-technology means that you can store this surplus solar-generated energy and use it to heat your evening bath or power your television.

Automatic power controllers, such as the iBoost, divert surplus energy generated by a PV system into an element driven device, such as an immersion water heater or storage heater. When you return home in the evening, the hot water from your taps will have been heated by your owner solar panels, making your bath that much more relaxing!

What's more, by using renewable power generated at your property to complete tasks later in the day, you'll be reducing your reliance on energy from the National Grid in the evenings and therefore preventing further damage to the environment, and your bank account.

Control your home - remotely!

The continued development of advanced home automation technology and apps is making it possible to use the energy generated by your solar PV system as it's produced, even if you're out of the house.

Technology such as this remote control slow cooker is slowly arriving in the UK from the States; you could soon be making your supper using energy generated on your roof, and all from your office desk.

Exciting times are ahead!

"PV-heating converters work side-by-side with most central heating systems and all year round."

Questions about PV-to-hot water heating

Is the converter easy to install?

We can install a converter with minimum fuss. DIY installations are not possible because legally installers require a Part P electrical qualification.

What savings can I expect by installing?

This answer depends on the size of your Photovoltaic system and the amount of hot water you use in your household, but a four-person family with a 4KW PV panel system can expect to save around 200 GBP per year. Use our get 'get a quote' service to receive individualised performance data for your property.

Will I still get my feed-in tariff payments?

Yes, because currently the export payments, pay for 50% of all your units exported. This system means you can use all your units for the converter and still receive all the export payments as per usual.

Do I need a hot water tank?

Yes, you do need a hot water tank with an immersion heater element. The converter will control your immersion heater throughout the day and the year.

If my PV panels are not generating, do I still get hot water?

Absolutely. The converter works alongside your hot water system, whether gas, oil, or electrically powered. On days when PV power is not available, your waters heated in the usual way.

Can I see how much energy I have saved?

We wouldn't have it any other way. The converter records and displays how much energy used and converted into financial savings.

Can I still use my Economy 7?

Yes, The system has a built-in immersion timer which allows three various on/off options which can be programmed for every 24 hours so taking full advantage of your off-peak supply.

Can it display the water temperature in the tank?

Yes, an optional temperature sensor can be fitted to the PV to hot water converter and display or control the hot water temperature output.

Does it have a warranty?

All converter installations come with a five-year warranty.


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