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How to heat hot water with PV solar panels in the UK.

Tank heating.

PV solar panels with tank heating provide sun-powered hot water

Traditionally, solar heating panels were common until the advent of PV-heating converters. Divert surplus power to heat your water tank. A useful addition for a PV-powered household.

In a nutshell:

  • Raises the temperature of your hot water tank.
  • Extend the lifespan of your boiler because your boiler won't fire up as often.
  • Digital display gives an updated performance.
  • Not suitable with combi boilers.

Free hot water.

This breakthrough in solar heating management gives an additional benefit from your PV solar panels.

This nifty device means you don't have to pay to import expensive electricity for hot water. Water heating is typically 25% of a household's costs. Water temperatures raised to 75 deg Celcius.

1 - 4KW with 100W - 3500W immersion output.

We love PV and EV installers.

"With a little tweak to my life, I put the washing machine on when it's sunny and a nice deep bath after the spin dryer."

Can I install a water heating plugin to my PV solar system?

Is it easy to install?

Installation to an emersion heater tank is with minimum fuss. However, DIY installations are not possible because installers require a Part P electrical qualification legally.

What savings can I expect?

This answer depends on the size of your PV system and the amount of hot water you use, but a four-person family with a 4KW PV panel system can expect to save around 300 GBP per year.

(Figure excludes savings from battery storage at approx 520 GBP per year).

Do I need a hot water tank?

Yes. You need a hot water tank with an immersion heater element to benefit from a converter. The management system will automatically control the heating coil throughout the day.

Not suitable for Combi boilers.

If PV isn't generating, do I still get hot water?

Absolutely. Because the converter works alongside your existing hot water system, your tank will still get heated in the traditionally imported-electricity way.

Can I see how much I have saved?

We wouldn't have it any other way. The converter records and displays how much energy is used and converted into financial savings.

Can I still use Economy 7?

Yes, The system has a built-in timer that allows three easy-to-use options. It can be programmed every 24 hours and so take full advantage of your off-peak supply if required.

Can it display the water temperature?

Yes, an optional temperature sensor can be fitted to the PV to hot water converter and display the water temperature.

What are the benefits?

All converter installations come with a standard five-year warranty.

I've seen many changes within this industry. The most significant change was the advent of PV solar-heated water. Free-generated hot water gives additional value to your PV investment.

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