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In simplistic terms, RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code) is the renewable energy industry’s equivalent of the ten commandments. If a solar company displays the RECC symbol, then they promise to adhere to strict guidelines, which will ultimately protect the consumer and stamp out double glazing tactics.

The main points of these guidelines are:

All solar installers must under RECC rules offer a guarantee period – However, they give the installers the option to offer five years. You will find that most reputable installers will actually offer 10 years of peace of mind.

All RECC installation warranties have to be insurance backed.

RECC companies must not spend longer than two hours in a house and not reduce pricing offers by more than £250 from an original quoted price.

Firstly, you should be given an estimated ‘annual projected figures’ of performance before purchasing. It forms an essential part of the quotation as required by RECC and the MCS too.

Pre-approved technologies and minimum standards of installation.

Pre-approved procedures in the event of any problems.

You should have 14 days, cool-off period for cancellation.

Of the thousands of installations that occur each month today, it is to the RECC’s credit that only a few people need to make a complaint. Any solar company found to be flaunting these consumer protective measures would be struck off and in some case’s their MCS accreditation revoked too.

These bodies are designed to weed out the 1% of bad solar companies, which give the 99% of good solar companies a bad name.

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