We love our PV solar panels

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“In a nutshell, I describe our PV solar installation to friends and family as being “good for the planet” because it is “renewable energy generation with a zero carbon footprint.”

There's nothing more powerful than when a PV's time has come.

There’s nothing more powerful than when PV’s time has come.

We all know that human civilisation is depleting the planet of natural resources (fossil fuels and minerals) and in doing so is dangerously polluting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases causing a climate warming. Governments around the world are aware of the problems this will cause and the potential breakdown of business, as usual, .

It is, therefore, our duty as informed citizens to help mitigate effects. Individually, we can do only a little, but if many people contribute to the total impact will be significant.

I installed PV solar panels

I first investigated the potential of both solar panel technologies many years ago, but the economics of them were not attractive.

With payback periods of twenty years, it did not seem a feasible return on investment. However, with the current government feed-in tariffs for PV solar power and the decline of bank interest rates, the investment position has never been better, and I am now delighted to be able to invest in the buying of solar panels. I hope many others will do so too.

After installing a 3.2kW solar PV panel system on our south facing roof two weeks ago and it has been generating electricity without a hitch ever since. The installation went smoothly, completed in less than a day, and causing a very little mess and disruption. I have been tracking the system’s performance every day. It has been doing very well, especially on sunny days. It’s early days yet, and we don’t know how the system will perform in different seasons, but we are currently delighted with it.

As a result, I have no hesitation in showing the system to visitors at the house, and they are usually impressed. I’ve invited to the residents association to the public’s the fact and come and see for themselves.

We’re not the first solar PV installation in the area, but we are probably the largest and newest, and I’m happy to discuss the pros and cons of renewable energy, climate change, life the universe and everything.
The future of the planet and the legacy we leave to our children and grandchildren are too important to ignore.

Richard, Hampshire

We all contribute small levels of CO2 to the atmosphere, but the significant amount of people doing it has affected the whole planet, so we need to use this same principle but in reverse.


"Feel the pride."
September 30, 2011
Founder of Power My Home.

  • MikeBlue

    Can anyone advise on the inverter to use with your panels? Most quotes have specified a Sunny Boy which seems very popular and appears a market leader. However one company were pushing a different inverter claiming that because it has a lower input voltage it therefore works more better when the panels are producing less power. Is this correct or are we being given tall stories?

  • John

    We choose to install solar panels because as pensioners we wanted to reduce our electricity bills and also generate an income.

    We were impressed by the technology after one of your representatives answered our tough questioning thoroughly. After our order was placed, the survey and installation was carried out promptly and efficiently and we were fully kept informed of progress.

    Having been told the installation would take 2 days we were pleasantly surprised when it was completed in less than one.

    Whilst the installation was carried out only a week ago, so far we are very pleased with the amount of electricity generated so far.

    John & Rose, Derbyshire

  • Richard

    It certainly makes good sense to use the daily provision of sunlight to make electricity or hot water, which is why we chose to have solar panels installed on our home.

    Each day this free resource can be put to good use supplying our energy needs, whilst energy prices go through the roof. It is reassuring to know our roof is working for us and the environment.

    We look forward to the rewards from the governments feed in tariffs and the lower bills, knowing that we are contributing in a small way to helping reduce our CO2 emissions.

    Thanks to you all for making this possible.

    Your sincerely
    Richard and Jean Turnbull

  • Tim

    I am writing to say how delighted we are with the installation of our photovoltaic solar panels in the garden, it looks neater and a better option than placing them on the roof.

    It took just a day and half for the installation to be up and running, and with no disruption to the rest of the house.

    As it was a fine day when they completed the installation it immediately started to produce 1650 watts, very impressive. Thank you for a very neat and professional job.
    Tim, Kent

  • Peter

    I chose solar energy as I wanted to reduce my outgoings in my old age and photovoltaic solar panels have the advantage of requiring little or no maintenance.

    Financially I saw it as a good investment because I expect the price of electricity will rise so that the “invest” on my investment should increase as the years go by.

    I have only just had the system installed and it is performing to forecasts so far, but after only a week it is too early to comment on the benefits of the installation.

    Peter, Lincolnshire