Wind noise

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    Elizabeth Platt

    Hi, please, please can you advise me on wind noise through the solar panels? We had solar put up on our roof last October, by EEC Home improvements in Southport.
    Our roof is 35 degress orientation and is ssw facing.
    Our neighbour complains of a moaning, whistling sound EVERY time the wind blows. We are situated in Shaw Oldham, and this is the first high ground the wind hits from Blackpool.
    The rails are horizontal and there is about four inches protruding from the side of the panels on the neighbours side.
    We have had end caps put on but this hasn’t helped.
    Our houses are timber framed houses.
    I have heard the noise and it is very annoying. It sounds as though someone is blowing over the top of a bottle, with and accompanying whistle. They can hear it over the sound of the TV.
    We do not hear anything in our house.
    EEC solar say there is nothing they can do about it. I am contempalting having the damn things removed, but this goes againt my thinking in that I want to do the right thing for the planet.
    We would appreciate your input,
    Kind Regards
    Liz Platt

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    This is the first time in a decade that I have heard any complaints due to noise. There are panels installed in much more windier places (Orkney, Falklands, Isle of Man).

    So there must be something out of the ordinary going on. If the installers won’t come out, I would get a local tradesmen and go up a ladder to see if there is anything obvious between your panels.

    Secondly, contact the RECC accrediters and let them know of the situation. Maybe they have received similar complaints and know of the remedy. They can also put pressure on EEC to at least investigate the problem.

    Hope this helps.

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    I also am experiencing a loud high pitched whistle -I assume coming from the animal guard – every time there is wind – my panels are facing SW, I’m in Boulder CO – & the wind is usually blowing from the W I think. my bedroom is right below the panels and I have to wear ear plugs (which I hate) in order to sleep!



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