Supercharge my EV with PV solar panels

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Powering your EV with PV solar panels is a revolutionary act.

Are you a PV solar panel leader or a follower?

Are you a PV solar panel leader or a follower?

To the ones who see things differently, who have no respect for the status quo.

Glorify, or vilify, but the only thing you can’t-do is to ignore us. We are changing things and driving the human race forward.

We are the ones who get on with changing the world – finally for the better.

A world where people generate a good proportion of their energy needs ‘in-house’ is a crazy thought right?

Wrong! It’s even crazier to include the cost of your motoring mileage in such a vision of the future. A future where we are ‘free to roam’ and not tethered to the energy companies that profit from our everyday lives!

That day has arrived and just in the nick of time.

Today, it’s now possible to spend your next ten years worth of energy costs and get back thirty plus years of free motoring miles, hot water and clean greener electricity for your kids. This alternative worldview is no more extended child’s play, but now a reality.

A new car with thirty years of free miles, free hot water for the home and good a proportion of electricity generated by the sun is now available, and that’s not even mentioning the payments through incentives.

This is now called supercharging your life with EV charging capabilities through the power of PV solar panels and the sun.

In fact, it’s now the people who continue to shackle themselves and their lives to the petrodollar industry which will soon be considered cuckoo.

You can now pay as little £15,000 for a Nissan Leaf or £80,000 for a Tesla supercharged sports car and everything in between including the BMW i8.

Look at the craziness around the world, wars, climate and the gradual breakdown of our civilisation and society! All traced back to the regular refilling of your vehicle, the heating of your home and the cost of powering your lifestyle.

We are round pegs trying to fit into a world of square holes. We see the world. Differently, we recognise the world is changing and changing fast, and we move forward with the times in a positive light, while a few self-interested parties don’t!

EV’s or electric cars is the only intelligent way to move our lives and civilisation forward sensibly. Our EV rapid charging stations are fully compatible with any MCS accredited photovoltaic solar panel system and no longer require Middle Eastern tyrants to turn the wheels of progress.

And that’s the oil that greases the squeak. The most prominent household expenditure in modern life is our energy bills and those costly regular visits to the petrol pump. Today you can curtail those costs and look cool.

This outlook is a real game-changer.

No longer do you have to resent the year-on-year escalation and the feeling of powerlessness that comes alongside your relationship with traditional energy providers – no longer! At 2p per mile (without PV powered assistance). Save up to £700 each year on fuel; you’d be a lunatic not to not!

My grandparent’s generation believed every fact that the government issued was factual. My parent’s generation questioned the rhetoric; tried, but didn’t have the power to change the oil-based economy. However, our generation now have the tools to transition and turn the old world order upside down – forever!

The real power of the electric vehicle charger

Why is the Saudi Royal family churning out oil at rock-bottom prices? It’s probably not for your benefit.

This story is a jigsaw puzzle with all the pieces showing a picture of desperation for the House of Saud. This totalitarian regime’s continuation depends on us continuing to burn petroleum as we had done since the 1940s, when the Saud family was first installed by US petroleum interests.

If the world gradually moved away from the burning of dead dinosaurs to EV’s, the financial implications for Saudi Arabia are clear. Attempts to break the back of the US fracking industry and their competitors such as Russian and the newly established Iranian oil markets is a clear sign of desperation for a regime that used to dominate in the petrodollar arena.

Electric vehicles are seen as just another threat to the power-hungry royals and will be crushed economically. That’s the real reason your tank is cheaper to fill and will revert to expensive once they get their way.

Saudi Arabia’s attempts to make electric vehicles uneconomically viable and their decision to flood the world’s oil markets come straight out of the book of Chinese market domination.

The real power of the electric vehicle is to move the world away from dependence on Middle Eastern regimes that dislike our freedom to choose. That’s why I prefer to shout from the rooftops about the necessary transition to an EV-powered world.

It’s only the interests of a few who now prevent the human race from progressing away from depending on what amounts to a 150-year-old combustion technology.

There’s nothing more potent than a technology whose time has come, and PV solar panels will walk hand-in-hand with EV charging capabilities and will finally bring forward the future we were all promised as children.

The real power of electric cars has been to change the geopolitical landscape forever. They know it, now you see it, so together we can choose to fight for real freedom that they deny their people.

Oil interests are protected at all costs, but the progression of humanity away from oil is a much more significant need. Just by merely tweaking our attitudes towards driving and powering our homes – we can change the world.

Nothing but a revolution in the way we drive can begin to solve the vast problems humanity now face.


"Feel the pride."
January 22, 2016
Founder of Power My Home.

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