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“I created this forum to empower the first PV solar pioneers and additionally help today’s EV drivers following in their footsteps.”

PV solar panels and EV-charging in the UK.

PV & EV forum.

Sunshine solar panels. Are EV’s and PV worth it? Yes when you factor in longevity.

Sunshine solar panels. Does PV work well in the UK climate? Yes, despite myths to the contrary.

Sunshine solar panels. Is my home suitable? Yes, if you have a south-facing roof.

Sunshine solar panels. Do I need a sunny day to charge my EV? No, PV still works in diffused light conditions too.


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October 2, 2009
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  • Normal rule of thumb if your roof is small go for the highest output panels you could look at Sunpower they make a 327w panel, BenQ make a 333w and LG make a 315w panel.

    Ask Stu to put you in touch with one of his approved installers just to get a comparison quotation.

  • Axitec are a German panel and output figures are pretty good. They are distributed in the UK by Krannich one of the leading UK PV distributors. LG would be a good alternative, but more expensive due to higher peak output rates than most other panels.

  • Rupe

    Hi there, I have just received a quote for a 1.75kw system using Axitec gmbh Panels. My question is simply, are they any good? or what would be a good alternative.

    7 x AC 250m/156-60S panels,
    1 x Enphase Envoy Comms Gateway, 7 x Enphase M215-60-S22 Micro Inverters,
    Enphase trunk cable, , Fischer Roof Mounting kit, AC Isolators, DC Isolators, Generation
    Meter, Cables & Fixings as necessary.

    Thank you

  • We recently installed some solar PV for a gentleman who had just purchased a Tesla EV, he took me out for a spin in this and it was simply breath-taking with a range on it of around 350 miles. It also has a regulator on it which you can alter the draw of electric from the house down to as low a 0.5kw.

    How perfect is this for somebody with a solar PV system?

    The only downside to the Tesla EV is that it costs £85k! It is comparable speed wise to a BMW M4 or AMG C63 though.

  • Fred Reed

    We have had evacuated tubes installed and would like to thank you for putting us in touch with decent installers. We had to endure three other companies, who was just feeding us rubbish, just to get us to sign on the dotted line. Thank you.

  • Mrs Edwards

    Mankind has always been inclined to exploit all the good gifts the good lord provided in the creation of our world, the minerals, plants, animals and marine life.

    We always seem incapable of seeing when our exploitation is going to cause deep problems for future generations, so our seas are becoming polluted, coal once our savior which provided the kick start to the industrial revolution, now seen to be a great polluter of the atmosphere, rain forests which are the source of our wonderful medicines and the lungs of the planet providing life giving oxygen, but are now stupidly and mindlessly cut down to provide for greed and short sighted gains.

    All we can do as individuals is to recycle, reduce our energy and consumption levels and live with the planet as a friendly companion.

    Investing in solar panels seemed a wiser move than keeping money in fairly unproductive stocks and shares.

    Thank you for providing the means to use my modest resources for helping the move towards a less energy hungry and polluting future.

  • Laurie Brown

    Hi Elizabeth, I’m just wondering how you got on and which company you decided to go with? I live not too far away from yourself and although it’s 12months later, am looking at beating the 2016 cuts!
    Thanks in advance.

  • Mr and Mrs Johns

    My wife and I were interested in exploring the possibility of having PV solar panels installed tour property and we decided to go ahead from the informative information you gave us.

    The system has now been installed for approximately 12 months ago, and largely over the winter period. Our 3kW system has produced some 2400kw since its installation and we don’t even have a fully south facing roof, a considerable offset of our utility costs.

    During the sunny periods, the system has been producing an impressive 18kw per day.

    Both myself and my wife are extremely happy both with the performance of the system but also the professional approach of your company. I would not hesitate to recommend the technology and your company to other interested persons.

  • Betty

    Update, Solar panels installed, eight in the front facing south/south east. Clay tiles were drilled through to the rafters as they had been foam backed. All went well, the all black panels look great. It took two hours to get the panels up, a bit longer for the electrics. They are coming back next week to fit the iboost/myengery. Haven’t had much sun since being installed but even on a thick cloud day producing about 250watts. Can’t wait for a good sunny day to see how they perform.

  • Mr Parker, Lincolnshire

    Having just had our solar panels installed on our home we look forward to not only our first feed-in tariffs cheque from the kWh that have been obtained by installing the system but also the hope that we might have helped in reducing the amount of electricity that is manufactured normally by coal or other carbon based fossil fuels.

    I am pleased with the neat arrangement of the completed installation and have noticed immediate benefits with the iboost hot water system since the installation.

  • Mrs Shickney

    As a teacher of climate change in my school, I am aware of my need to ‘walk the walk’ and reduce my carbon footprint.

    I took the plunge by having 21 PV solar panels installed on my roof. What a difference! I am sorry I didn’t do it sooner!

    The night of the installation I had the hottest bath I have ever had in my 17 years of living at my house. It was amazing.

    As much hot water as I can handle, money back from the energy companies as my solar system produce power for the National Grid and I get to reduce my CO2 output too. What more could anybody want?

    More people need to experience the benefits of solar power and I am busy spreading the word. The best thing is it really is affordable.

  • Peter & Jenny

    When we first looked into photovoltaic solar panels we were surprised that you could also heat our hot water requirements and at the same time reduce our electricity bills whilst generating us an income. It seemed to good to be true.

    Upon placing an order we were left informed all along the line until installation came with no worries with paper work etc.

    The installation was very clean and we have been surprised by the amount generated by our system which has indeed exceeded all our expectations.

    Peter & Jenny, Norfolk

  • Jason Adams

    I had a 4kw system installed by Energy Installs South West on 3/3/15 so I could get the 14.3p kw/h FIT tariff prevailing at the time. However my installer took my e-mail address down incorrectly and never advised I had to get the paperwork back to my supplier by 31/3/15 {so I assumed the fact it was installed on 3/3/15 was sufficient for me to have the prevailing tariff at the time!!} It transpires this is incorrect, the supplier will only pay from when they receive the completed paperwork, I had to chase my installer for this and did not receive it until 3/4/15!! The installer is refusing to compensate me and not acknowledging any responsibility for 1. not advising me of the importance of getting the paperwork to my installer by 31/3/15 and 2. the installer taking my e-mail address and current supplier details incorrectly in the first place!!! I will be complaining to the regulator.

  • John & Rosemary

    Just a line, to thank you for the recent pv solar installation to our bungalow.

    From start to finish the process was very quick and painless and above all it was very pleasant to deal with a company and it’s staff that has old fashion courtesy and did exactly what it said it would do and well inside it’s timescale. The above comment also goes for your installers whom we could not believe how fast they worked.

  • 2.75 KW Solar PV installation.
    Location Boston Lincolnshire.
    Mono Black Solarworld Solar Panels.
    GSE roofing system.
    Solar Edge inverter with optimisation units.
    To see in real time the output of this system use the links below.



    Our contact details are listed in the installers page
    in Lincolnshire area

  • “RECC Code members must not follow up sales visits by further visits or
    telephone calls offering further discounted prices or other information
    intended to pressurise consumers into signing a contract.”

    Discounts must not be over £200. They are either not RECC members inwhich I would avoid like the plague or if they are they are breaking the rules and this must be brought to their attention.

  • Jamie

    Hello, I am a renewable energy advisor for Firehawk Solar, based in Failsworth, Manchester. I am familiar with the companies you have listed and two of them concern me, mainly the large double glazed window salesman and also the firm who makes their own panels in their “garage” and will give you a free holiday to Turkey. Jamie

  • Frank

    Can anyone tell me how low can you take the quotes from companies such as Mainframe. I have had 3 quotes from them each time 1500 less than before. Are these a genuine company? Are they reliable? Anyone had previous dealings?


  • John of Herts

    My wife and I have always been keen on reducing our carbon footprint: I have an Open University degree in Environmental Studies and we already had solar panels for hot water heating.

    When the government decided to back domestic photovoltaic panel systems with their feed-in tariffs our decision to explore was based just on the financial incentive. We couldn’t achieve a better rate of return on investment than anywhere else in the market, create a hedge against rising energy costs and set an example for our son and the next generation to follow.

    He clarified all the key issues like:

    1. Clean Energy Cash Back – What we get paid for our electricity.

    The complex SAP ratings and how they knitted together to produce an anticipated 7.9% rate of return on our 4kW installation.

    2. Legislation government 20 year guarantee and the index linking, tax free, system transfer rights and electricity cost increases expected over the coming decade.

    3. Practical issues about the initial installation and the technical merits of solar panels you favour.

    We did not take long to make a decision but first double checked with another solar panels company. We were then convinced we were in good hands.

    The day of the installation produced no serious disruption and an impressive work rate and no mess. My son couldn’t play his Xbox for an hour, but I am sure he will get over it.

    When I asked my investment professional to dig out the funds he laughed because he had just signed up for exactly the same size system for his own house. He rated it a ‘no brainer’ investment.

    Spending a serious sum of money is not something we do lightly: we walk all around the pro’s and con’s first. We have been most impresses not only with the technical knowledge, but the unaggressive approach in getting the important message across about PV solar panels, so that us mere mortals can grasp.

    I look forward to watching the money roll in.

  • Cookie13

    Has anyone dealt with energyforbritain.com based in Somerset had sales calls want to know if genuine.?

  • Mr Constantine in Kent

    We are very happy with the way in which the two young engineers performed during our solar installation. Despite the time of the year and the low light levels, we already seem to be getting good results.

    One thing I would like from you is details of how we receive payment from the government feed-in tariff. Having already had solar for 30 years it would be nice to get something back for our contribution we have already made towards energy conservation.

    It has always surprised me how disinterested people seem in investing in solar panels.

    The one question people always ask is, how much does one save when that is not possible to quantify as the system is running differently than before having the installation. I just usually say ‘alot’, so I don’t enlessly end up talking about solar.

    I look forward to gaining some more sales enquiries for you as undoubtedly more people will ask with our newer system installed.

  • Mike and Paula in Shropshire

    We have been considering a photovoltaic solar panel system in our bungalow since we moved in four years ago. It already had a solar hot water system and has a large south facing roof. One of our reasons for moving to the countryside was to live a more ecologically sustainable lifestyle.

    We chose an electricity supplier that uses renewable energy but initially generating our own electricity seemed too costly. However, since the feed-in tariff, it appeared this solar energy production has become more economic. Also a neighbour installed a solar panel system on their barn and we were able to see how it worked in practice.

    After the initial home survey we decided that we would be able to have a twelve panel 2.2Kw system. There was a two month delay before installation so that the optimum system for our location and specifications could be obtained. This delay suited us financially as we had to obtain funds from savings.

    The solar energy system was installed on 1st September 2010 and the installation crew were very efficient finishing the installation in one day in spite of a hitch when one pv panel had to be replaced due to damage when in transit.

    The system has been working well since then and we have been lucky in having a reasonable amount of sun. By 10th September we estimate that we have generated half of the total electricity that we have used.

    We have registered with our electricity supplier to get the feed-in tariff and this, together with the reduction in electricity we have consumed from the outside supplier, should make a significant difference to our electricity bill, as well as reducing our carbon footprint.

    We are very happy with our solar panels at present and would not hesitate to recommend it to our friends.

  • Mr Brown

    I have always been interested in solar energy. So when the opportunity arose whereby I was I a position to seriously consider installing solar panels, I did my research and contacted several local companies who supply these systems.

    I made appointments with three suppliers. The other suppliers I contacted were unreliable, letting me down by not attending appointments and salesmen were extremely reluctant to leave my home without an order. Needless to say they left empty handed!

    In contrast, I found your recommended installers to be prompt, efficient at what they were saying and were going to do. You provided me a quote by a knowledgeable and polite person who answered our questions in a clear and concise manor.

    Despite my decision to upgrade the PV solar installation from 3kW to 4kW, the installation took place without delay and without any problems. The installation took place without delay and without problems. The installation itself was quick and efficient and the system is now working well.

    I am now pleased that I chose to install my solar panels and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

  • Veronica L

    Thank you Stuart for posting my questions! If there is someone who is willing to help me and want to get in touch by email, you can reach me at : veronica.l.email (at) gmail.com


    My name is Veronica and I am currently writing my final project for my university degree. I have chosen to write about the solar panel industry and in particular about consumer behavior in relates to solar panels. Part of my thesis I need to include primary data, which means I need to do a small survey or interview.

    I am looking to talk to someone who already installed solar panels or is looking to install solar panels in the next year or so. I stumbled upon your website and as far as I understood, you are already using solar panels. I want to ask if you would be so kind to answer a few questions about the process of finding the right panel and your search for information.

    It would be a great help to me.

    I would love to hear from you and I hope you are able to help me
    thank you for reading my message!

    Please find the questions below:

    1.When have you installed solar panels

    2.What were the main reasons to install solar panels?

    3.What was the main source of information BEFORE you
    decided to install solar panels? Ex: internet, friends, installers

    4.How long did it take you from researching about solar
    panels until you started the installation?

    5.How did you find the solar panels installer?

    6.How many quotes did you get before deciding on a
    particular installer?

    7.What factors were important to you when you installed
    solar panels? Rate and comment on the following, if

    -initial cost
    -design of the panels
    -brand of the panels
    -electrical output
    Obtaining correct and reliable information
    -efficiency of the panels
    -Finding a trustworthy contractor:

    8.Can you tell me a bit about the experience you had with
    the installation company.

    9.Are you happy with your decision to install solar

  • You’re right – it was a sales pitch. The Enlighten Manager is free for the top level of Enphase installers and chargeable at $240 for the 2nd level installers.
    Including us, there are probably a dozen or more other 1st level installers who include Enlighten Manager free of charge.

  • Lesley

    I’d been thinking about having the new photovoltaic panels fitted for a while. Along came a nice gentleman, who went to great lengths to explain everything to me. I didn’t feel as though he was pushing me into something, as I already had solar panels for hot water, which have been brilliant; and save a tank of oil throughout the summer months. My garden is also full of solar lights which twinkle throughout the night.

    Having experienced the benefits of ready availability of daylight and the energy it supplies us with, I was just waiting for the technology that would enable us all to benefit from it.

    I now have a roof that shines brightly, collecting those all important rays and a little red light that flashes to say it is all working. Now I can use my own generated electricity during good daylight, and anything I don’t use, someone else can use, and I get paid for it, how good is that?

    I this letter goes on to encourage many more people into taking this positive step, towards making a difference, so that they too can begin to enjoy all the benefits it brings. It’s safe, it’s clean and green. It makes no noise nor disturbs the environment and above all, there is an unlimited supply of daylight as everyday more is generated.

    As a foot note, I would also like to say thank you to the men who came along and fitted the panels. They were punctual, polite and cleared everything away. They are a great asset to your company.

  • Gary

    On the bottom of this list of comments ,it tells you all you need to know about Eurostar, have a read.

  • Elizabeth Platt

    Hi everyone, a great big thankyou for putting us off i-power. I have had a few quotes ranging from £8000 to £3400 for 2-3kw systems. Can anyone tell me about a few of the companies. All start by saying they are the best !! The companies we have looked into are Eurosolar in Manchester: EEC Solar Southport. SolarKing, Energygain, Ashton u Lyne, and MAC Projects (uk) Ltd. We are both in our late 50s and by the time the feed in tariff finishes will obviously be in our 70s.
    1. is it worth it to go with panels at our time of life
    2. Have found good and bad reviews about all the companies, but we just need a little guidance I think.
    I am all ‘solar panelled ‘ out this week, as most of our ‘surveys’ have been done in the last week.
    Any advice would be appreciated. We would like to use a local firm if possible, we live in Shaw, Oldham.
    Thanks in advance of any advice.

  • schmeln

    I have been offered the exact same. Have you found anything out about them? Did you decide to go with them in the end?

  • Kylie

    Well, I’ve had panels for 5 months and I got them on a self funding scheme they called it, they had a great rep who was lovely and they are my panels but didn’t have to pay anything upfront.

  • Sam

    Hi Dean,

    I note you have had Suns energy installed and sounds like you are very pleased, I was quoted £6900 for a 4kw system, I don’t want to ask you how much you paid but does it sound like a deal ?

  • Sam

    Hi Everyone
    I have been looking at putting solar on my roof in Kent. I have had a few companies round and some to be honest should be named and shamed. However I did have one company who came across as very genuine and the lady rep was excellent, she has quoted for 16 panels all LG Black Mono with Enphase micro inverters on my south facing roof, the quote is for £6900 and is monitored for me. Just want to get some opinions if you think it is a good deal. The company is called Suns energy in Essex.

  • Dean

    Hi All
    I think this is a good thing but not sure? I have just been asked for a photo of my micro generation meter from my provider because they thought i had given them an incorrect reading!!!
    turns out my system is doing very well indeed I wish I had done this a couple of years ago……..
    Thanks Suns Energy

  • lyndon

    Hi has anybody heard of EEC solar been offered a 4kwh solar system with 16 ec panels and a sun energy 4000tl inverter for £5999

  • Angela Rodwell

    I have just had my installation completed too with Suns – Energy, a 3.25KW system with 13 LG 250 watt panels and Enphase Micro Inverters with Suns – Energy as well. I am over the moon now, I had lots of quote and was really confused until them, they explained the benefits of Micro Inverters to me and my husband in detail , efficiency, quality, warranties are so important and off course the safety factor of Micro Inverters all these points were a no brainer as far as we were concerned, Suns- Energy were also able to show us samples of the panels & micro Inverters which no other company had done before. we also love the fact that we can monitor are own system and Suns- Energy gave us a free android tablet with the Enphase Enlighten APP too all for £6000.00, best thing we have bought for ages.

    Angela – Berkshire

  • Richard Grainger

    I have had solar panels installed by Ecohill of Colchester, Essex. I cannot praise this company highly enough. Truly professional from the initial consultation; comprehensive,competitive quote, through to excellent friendly fitters and after sales service eg help with applying for the feed in tariff rebate from energy supplier.
    I had another quote from a window specialist firm in Romford which has branched into solar panels. Their quote was £1,000 higher for less panels (claimed they couldn’t fit more panels on the rof which was proved wrong), and a very amateur quote based on a 10 minute site visit.
    Ecohill.co.uk – fitter of the year 2013 and well-deserved. So nice to be able to recommend a small firm for outstanding customer service, knowledge and efficiency.

  • Dean

    Hi All
    Just thought I would let you all know I had my 4kw solar system fitted yesterday by Suns Energy ltd, I had 16no 250w Black LG Panels Enphase micro inverters and an IBOOST for my hot water.
    I am so pleased all went well all done in a day a promised great team of installers I also got a free 7″ android with the Enphase enlighten manager view which I am told is exclusive to them in the UK.
    could be sales pitch but all in all very happy indeed!!!
    just need the rain to stop ;-(

  • Contact SunPower for a list of all their UK authorised partners, otherwise feel free to contact us as we are one of the 1st UK authorised SunPower Partners.

  • Aaron

    I’ve just had a system installed on my property from Apple Energy Solutions in Leeds. I had several companies come out to see me and these guy’s were by far the most helpful. I paid £4000 for a 2kw system and everything was brilliant from the original phone call, to the sales rep, surveyor, install team and they even have an after-care department who contacted me to make sure everything went OK on the day and everything is fine with my system. Would recommend this company and they even give you £200 if a friend or family member get’s a system installed!

  • Corrine

    Could anyone advise if there is a list of MCS/REAL/RECC installers that supply Sunpower panels? I have been convinced they are the way to go after having a few installers around, however the only one that supply Sunpower have messed me about and caused me to miss out on installing before the tariff decrease. So I’m looking for a new installer that can do the system I want at a fair price thanks for any advice

  • jenny bakker

    Sunpower E20 327 Watt should make more room for the chimney because you need less panels. Sunpower UK Dealer

  • Neil

    Hi all,

    I’ve been informed I can only fit 15 panels on my roof due to the chimney being jntthe way. As a result I can no longer have the 250w Sunpower panels I was originally going for.

    The company have recommended Sharp ND-R250AD panels instead now.

    Please could you let me know what you think of these panels?

    Quote for system currently just under £6,000 for a 15 panel 3.75kw system using above mentioned panels.

    Many thanks,


  • jevban

    Update on Eurosolar…the owner has visited after my repeated complaining and has agreed to put microinverters on each panel. I have written to Real/Recc and complained and had that forwarded to NICEIC..the company didn’t adhere to lots of the code of practice and certainly haven’t done a proper survey or notified me of the design. An independent has said as I have the hardware, the system can be made to work, but never as he sold it to me. I feel sick.

  • jevban

    Hi had Solar PV installed by Eurosolar Manchester 3 weeks ago…went from SSW fit to Se/Se and NW fit because I had hipped roves …but design was changed before install without consultation…I came back from 3 days working away to find panels on the NW side of my roof. In addition, the side panels are right up to the edge of my slates. The ‘competent’ roofers told me they were unable to fit any differently because of my hipped roof…NIECIC the regulatory body associated with Eurosolar tell me this is nonsense and alternative fixings can be used to accommodate difficult roves, and this should have been identified at survey time. Any ideas? I have written a complaint to the company and RECC, and been in regular telephone contact with them since last week, but they keep messing me about and not turning up.

  • This price is very expensive. Depending on were you live geographically, then I may be able to source solar installers with more reasonable prices:


  • fi

    We have i-power systems ltd coming to install 8 panels. Worried we signed up too quickly. Does anyone have any info on them? They contacted us through the energy savings commission in Scotland and quoted us £8,500 for the panels.

  • Trevor

    Hi Barry – when you say installed with no costs, I assume you had to pay for the panels or at least take out some finance scheme. Could you clarify..? I’ve been quoted £8800 for 16 panels (no extra charges for installation, scaffolding, etc)……Cheers!

  • Trish

    Has anyone had any work done by Eco Green Energy Solutions had a quote on a cold call visit not sure. Please advise.

  • Barry

    I’m not one for reviews but in this particular
    matter i felt that it is necessary to
    give others advice.

    Due to increasing fuel costs it became a financially worrying,
    i spoke to a few friends and family whom suggested solar panels. I knew i couldn’t
    afford to buy solar panels outright i came across project solar Uk on the
    internet. The PSP advisor was really friendly and talked me through the scheme.

    they installed the panels
    with no costs. We are now receiving both the savings and feed in tariff
    payments. Without PSP scheme, we could never have afforded to ‘go green’. Due
    to the number of installations they could not install for 2 weeks, but would
    recommend this as an easy way for anyone to get solar panels and start saving
    money.” and would definitely recommend Project Solar Uk to all my friends and

  • Alan Fidler

    We have just had 16 panels installed by Green Energy NW, 8 on each side of the roof being an East West facing one. The system includes very high quality low profile all black (no silver trims) German made panels. By far the best looking panels I have seen anywhere. We are very pleased with the system and the professional way in which our quotation and installation was undertaken. The installation team were very polite, cleaned up any debris and were a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.

  • Terry

    I used Solar Essence for a 13 panel PV installation. Their price was competitive and salesman was not pushy and explained everything. They organised the energy survey. Excellent job; people arrived on date and on time having phoned first to confirm arrival. Very nice, polite, diligent and hard working. Hint… keep up the supply of cups of tea and biscuits. Arrived with everything on van and most material already cut to length. Nice neat job and consulted with me about the final positioning of the electrics etc. All paperwork done, i’s dotted and t’s crossed. Just took E.on six months to process for FIT payments but when done they were backdated to date of installation. Now if it would only be sunny a bit more!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jo Cooper

    We haven’t had any panels installed but we are continually harassed by Mainframe Solar with phone calls, despite telling the we were members of the Preference Caller System and asking them to take our contact details off their list. We foolishly invited the into our home some months ago but advised them that we couldn’t afford the system at that time, since then it has been phone call after phone call. Approximately 2 weeks ago I received a phone call and advised them that I would be reporting their company to the relevant authorities, the phone was put down on me (as I thought) seconds later they phone back apologising stating it was a phone fault and advising me that we wouldn’t received further phone calls.. Low and behold they rang yesterday and spoke to my husband who told the in no uncertain terms to stop ringing us. Today (Friday 16/6/13) I have received another phone call oblivious to any previous discussions about not ringing us… I intend to report them to the organisations mentioned in this website but thought I would share this with you all first.

  • JulieShaw

    Project Solar Uk Ltd installation of our Solar Panel System was carried out with the minimum of disruption by a very efficient and courteous team of men. They carried out their work over one days with great care. We were very pleased with the end result and Project Solar left the site in a clean and tidy condition when they had finished. We are already generating a return on our investment from the FIT payments and also making significant savings on our electricity bills. Having initially had quotations from three different companies, we can recommend Project Solar to anybody else considering having solar panels installed. We decided that the high quality equipment that Project Solar supplied gave much better value for money than some of the inferior systems that some other companies are offering and at a very competitive price.

  • James N

    We had Solar PV fitted to our holiday home in December 2011. The house is located on the West Coast of Scotland. After a slight hiccup with high voltage in the main grid tripping out the input from the panels, the system has behaved exactly as the company who sold us the equipment said it would. It is difficult to establish how much actual power the system saves us in real terms, but we are very happy with the FIT benefit so what the hell!
    It is a 3 bedroom dwelling with a GSHP so the heating is on constantly. We also have a sewage treatment plant that operates 24 hrs (equivalent to 60 watt light bulb operating all day). Our electricity bill for the last winter quarter (from actual readings) is just over £200. Quite happy with that.

  • DavidT

    I initially posted this comment to complaints and I want to make it clear that my installation of Solar Panels in April 2012 was excellent. The materials and equipment used were excellent. The fitters were also first class. The company was called The energy Conservation Group of Wimborne.
    I wanted to contact them recently as a friend was interested having seen my results but it appears they may have gone bust.
    Can anyone confirm that is the situation and if so how should I proceed in the future should anything go wrong with my installation or equipment?
    Sometimes this type of industry reopens elsewhere and if anyone knows if this has happened I would be more than interested in reemploying them.

  • Bob-gillingham

    I have a 4kw solar pv supplied and fitted by a local electrical contractor. Its been working now for nearly 2 years and I have nothing but praise for it.
      I am not green only had for the return I could get on my investment and at the moment its coming in at about 14% tax free what more can I say

  • Jazzbanjo

    Thank you for the wise words. I kept a check on the output from the panels on a daily basis from the day that they were installed in December. After three months I decided that they were not performing as they were supposed to have been and so contacted the installer.The installer fitted the optimizers in March and from then on there was a dramatic improvement in output. I think that the actual loss of earnings due to low output at that time of the year was very small. I might give the installer a ring and ask about compensation, but it would not be for a lot of money. The panels generate most of the power from March to October I see from my notes. As you say, I hope that they will provide clean power for many years to come.

  • Mike Smith

    Hi Stronite

    The point at which you get paid is dependent upon the MCS Registration which will be on your MCS Certificate provided by the MCS accredited company that installed your panels.

    I would take this up with REAL and also check your quotation paperwork because I’m assuming that payback calculations were based on the old tariff.


    Or to get things moving a little quicker call them (0)207 981 0850

    Good Luck

    Mike Smith
    Hallmark Solar Manchester

  • Mike Smith

    Hi Tom

    I find it incredulous that the company was able to charge you for the optimisers which should have been there from the start. The parapet is an obvious hard shading issue ( as per your picture) and often found on older (and listed) buildings.

    As per my first post your contract with the company was based on a SAP calculation that was clearly wrong. I strongly believe that you are entitled to the earnings you should have received if optimisers had been fitted from the start.

    It’s also sad that none of the others who quoted mentioned the shading but to be honest when surveying on a day to day basis I come across the same issue time and time again. The irony is that optimisers are so efficient that the problem (as you now know) can be overcome at a very small cost. And in practical terms the problem does not go away as the customer will eventually find out because the output figures will always reflect the shading issue.

    On a positive note Tom it’s good to see that you now have many years to come of clean renewable energy production 

    Mike Smith
    Hallmark Solar Manchester

  • Jazzbanjo

     Hello Mike,
    Thank you for the information.
    It was the same installer who retrofitted the optimizers. It cost me an extra £735.oo.oo on top of the original price to have the optimizers fitted. It was necessary for the company to have scaffolding erected again though!
    The total cost of the installation was £8,640.oo with planning permission (for a grade II listed building), the optimizer cost was added to that figure. I did have several quotations for the original installation and all were for similar price. I was influenced to take the installer that I chose because they had a long record of work on central heating etc. in the area and they had a large factory in the town.
    None of the people who quoted mentioned the shading problem or the possible need for optimizers!
    Regards, Tom.Jazzbanjo.

  • Mike Smith

    Hi Jazzbanjo
    Was it the same installer who retrofitted the optimisers? Because 1. He should have recognised the shading issue 2. reduced the SAP calculation accordingly and 3. Advised you to fit optimisers. 

    To fit optimisers and inverter on say a 4KWp system is only £300 greater cost to the installer than fitting a high quality inverter.

    I hope you got some compensation
    Mike Smith
    hallmark Solar Manchester

  • Jazzbanjo

    I have a 2.2 Kwh system installed one year ago. Initially I was horrified at the poor performance.It was far lower than I had expected. The installer looked at the system. It was mounted on the roof behind a parapet wall which shaded a half of the bottom row of panels. It was then that the installer told me that if a panel is shaded, the internal resistance of the panel increases. As all of the panels are connected in series, the increase in internal resistance of even just one panel will significantly reduce the power generation of the whole array. Optimizers were fitted to each panel at a considerable cost to me. However, the generated output since the optimizers were fitted is a lot closer to that which I was led to expect!
    The attached image indicates the shading of the lower row of panels during March at around 11-oo am. Shading is something that MUST be considered when installing a PV array! Now that the optimizers have been fitted, I am happy with the generated power output and am pleased that I decided to have the system installed, even though the local planning department gave me a really hard time of it before I was granted permission to install the system.

  • Whitemanlin

    I have had my PV panels now for 18 months, efficiently installed by `Solar 4 UK`. They have exceeded expectations in all respects despite the poor solar conditions of last year. I thoroughly recommend them for both saving on power costs and also as an investment (approx 8% return pa ).

    One query I have is how to deal with the FIT when moving house. Any ideas?

    David (Linus)

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  • Stronite

    We had solar panels fitted on the 28th July but because of the increase on orders to beat the deadline the company subcontracted the connecting to an inefficient local electrician . It took nearly 4 weeks for the companies own electrician to connect them successfully but we were assured we would still get the 21p tarriff.
    British Gas now tell us we are only to get 16p as the papers were not filed on time.
    My question is what can we do now is there an appeals procedure? Can anyone advise?

  • Jon Houlton

    I work as a sales rep for a company selling photovoltaic solar panels. My company’s name is not mentioned here, though there have been times when we feel we have let down our clients. Every problem we have had has been as a result of having to contract out installation work at times when the tariff reduces. The biggest problem has been the uncertainty in the industry. It is impossible to keep the same number of fitters on full time as is required at these peak periods. My advice to purchases is NOT to wait untill the last moment. Solar represents an excellent return on investment and can protect energy consumers from frightening increases in bills.

  • hi Graham

    Solar panels on a west facing roof will loose approx 10% performance of a fully south facing roof space. In the summer months the longer evenings will prolong your peak generation time.

    The shallower angle of the roof may loose another 5% but the system. That said, the panels will still work perfectly well for you.

  • Graham Lambden

    My roof runs North to South. Being a residential park home, the angle of the roof is less than a house. I have been told if the PV panels face West, the output of the panels will only be slightly less than if facing South. Is this so and would the installation still be a viable proposition?
    Many thanks

  • Mrs Harding

    It is with great pleasure that we wish to congratulate you on the effective and efficient installation of our solar heating system and we look forward to the same efficient installation with our solar electric panels too.
    Mrs Harding, Slough

  • Marcia

    A few years ago when I was building a kitchen extension, I had researched the possibility of using solar panels in the form of photovoltaic. My intension when considering the design of the building had been to make it as green as possible. I received a very negative response from my planning department at the council and so was put off the idea.

    I hadn’t put the idea out of my mind and decided to do some research. In a fairly arbitrary way I found this website on the internet. I made an appointment and a surveyor consultant came to see me. He spent 2 hours giving me an in-depth explanation of how both hot water and photovoltaic systems work, how the grants work, the savings and installation processes.

    Government policy has certainly changed in the last 5 years and using solar panels is now encouraged by incentives.

    I now find myself to be almost evangelical in my enthusiasm for solar panels and technology, and will extol its virtues at the drop of a hat and have already recommended the technology to family and friends.

  • Mr Appleby

    I have been thinking about having solar photovoltaic panels for some time, as we have had the panels for the heating of water for 6 years, and as the electric costs keep rising, I then decided to go ahead. The system was explained by your surveyor, so I placed an order.

    There was a delay in the installation time, because of a shortage of inverters, but the system is now commissioned and operating for 10 days. The meter is showing 175 kilowatts and at times during the day the electricity meter is going in reverse, showing the power coming from the panels.

  • Mrs Conelly

    I would say the savings on water heating around 60% maybe even more. Dead simple technology too. Our unit is about 18 years old now and still going strong. It paid for itself in about 5 years.

  • Mrs Bromfield

    Our system heated all the hot water we could ever need in summer – plenty to fill our big double corner bath – and made a huge difference to our electric water heating bill even in winter months, It might only heat the water to ‘tepid’ at that seasonal time, but the energy required to heat it from tepid to scalding rather than almost freezing to scalding is obviously much much less.

  • Morrison

    My experience of our solar installation is excellent. Our gas boiler only boosts the water temperature for about 10 minutes twice a day in winter and not at all in summer. My solar tubes have performed well above what I expected from it.

  • Clive

    I am writing to inform everyone how pleased we are with our new photovoltaic system recently installed on my property.

    In the first week it had on average generated 10 units of electricity each day. We are looking forward to significantly reduced energy bills.

    Although we have had to wait an extra 2 months due to bad weather and a shortage of parts this winter, I am pleased to say thoughj now at least it has been installed and the systems seems to be working very well.

    Once the scaffolding was up for access the solar panels were installed very quickly. The technicians were polite and considerate and seemed very competent. We would certainly recommend solar panels to our friends and family.

  • Craig

    There is a rather excellent feeling of beating the energy companies when you get your first energy from a solar panel on the first morning.

  • Bromfield

    Ours system heated all the hot water we could ever need in summer – plenty to fill our big double corner bath and made a huge difference to our electric water heating bill even in winter months, It might only heat the water to ‘tepid’ at that seasonal time, but the energy required to heat it from tepid to scalding rather than almost freezing to scalding is obviously much much less.

  • Diane lane

    We had solar panels installed by solar energy savings ltd and are really pleased.

    Service, installation and customer services were all great – just need some sun now!

  • Charles

    Our solar panels were installed just over a week ago. Whilst it is still too early for us to quantify how much energy we are saving as a result of them, we would like to thank your company for the superb preparation for their installation.

    After finding a number of solar panel companies, we found you responded quickly and efficiently. The surveyor was willing to come at our convenience despite having to leave late into the evening with a long journey home to look forward to. He patiently spent time answering our questions so that we were aware of everything that we should expect. It was was this openness that led us to choosing your company.

    He has set a tone for all our dealing with your company. It was tricky scheduling the installation around our other building work but you were willing to change the dates to those that best suited us. Our roof tiles are particularly brittle and the solar installers had to work around this with help from our builder. The experience seems to have converted him from being a solar panel skeptic to actually entertaining the idea himself.

    The installation, as promised, lasted a day. The team was very efficient and worked well together. As a teacher, it amused me to be receiving a lesson – this time about how to use the control panel for the central heating and hot water.

    There were three very minor leaks, but one phone call resulted in them being fixed that day. What can one say – why can’t other companies work like this.

    We are now looking forward to a summer of no fuel bills. Or winters should also be fuel efficient now that we have solar panels and a wood burner.

    Now to find a fuel saving car. Any ideas?


  • John and Pat

    We had been interested in the concept of solar power for some time but could not see the financial viability of solar systems. We were therefore very sceptical when we had a survey done.

    The home surveyor said times were different and went on to explain in detail the pv voltaic system and the new feed in tariffs rewards that had recently been brought in by the government. That made it more appealing to us and the more we went into it the more sense it made.
    This would be a big investment for us, but there seem to be a chance of getting a good return of around 8% which in the current economic time is extremely good.

    The surveyor was very helpful and patient in dealing with our concerns, so we put an order in.

    The installation was done in a very efficient manner and with minimum of disruption by the roofer or electricians. The panels seem to be working fine and although sunshine has been in short supply we have still managed to generate 150 units in the first week.

    We are in the process of getting our installation registered with our energy supplier and looking forward to receiving the payments from them.

    John and Pat, Leicestershire

  • Julie

    I chose solar panels because as a ‘tourism enterprise’ it is important to me to not only have ‘green credentials’ but to be saving on energy bills. In achieving both these aims through solar technology, I am also investing in the future for my children and grandchildren.

    I hope to be able to encourage all who visit our business, in this stunning county of Herefordshire, to consider the future of the environment and potentially ‘a greener way of doing business’.

    The benefits will hopefully be two fold, the energy generated by the sun giving a return on my investment and customers reducing/offsetting their carbon footprint by staying with us and thereby increasing our income.
    Julie, Herefordshire

  • Peter

    “I’ve just received my first 3 monthly payments for electricity generated by your installation.

    I think we can reasonably expect a similar sum for the next 3 months, so that in 6 months the system will have paid us slightly more than our historically high energy bill of £1,000. Our expectations are that the 6 winter months will represent pure profit.”

    “And of course our regular electricity bill for future periods will be small than in the past, because we’re using our own generated electricity during the daylight. Of course we don’t yet know how big the reduction will be, but every little helps.”

    “The bottom line is that we’re VERY content that we decided to install our photovoltaic system. It’s set to turn our home into a ‘zero energy cost’ building with profit to boot!”

    “Please accept our thanks for your valued assistance in achieving a happy outcome. You must feel free to use this message with any future prospective customers who may have doubts about the value of having solar panels installed.”

    With best regards
    Peter, Northampton

  • Lockwood

    “We have been following the debate about climate change and there is a wealth of evidence for and against, however we felt that the planetary consequences of manmade global warming were simply not worth the risk of scientist being correct, so we would like to be a part of the man made solution.

    We decided to have a solar panel system installed because we believe that we need to ‘do our bit’ in terms of reducing our carbon footprint. Although it is a modest contribution, we would like to believe that each and every home installing this technology will make a positive difference.

    The most exciting moment for us after the solar installers left was to see our electricity meter rotating counter clockwise and our home generation process beginning.

    The whole installation process was remarkably quick and efficient: the installers worked together in negotiating the limited space available to them at our property. The completed installed system is of a very high quality too.”
    Mr Lockwood, Yorkshire

  • R Jones

    The initial investment in pv solar panels is not a small one. However my in my case, my newly acquired pension lump sum was struggling to make me any money in a ‘safe’ bank account, so I studied your website with great interest.

    It seemed that to get a decent return on investment, one needed to purchase a larger sized system which over the year should produce 104% of my electrical needs, or thereabouts. I was lucky to get in at the beginning of the government feed in tariffs scheme, which gives me 41p for every unit produced, WHETHER I USE IT MTSELF OR NOT and 44p for every unit fed back into the grid system which is basically my surplus to my immediate requirements.

    Seemed like a no brainer to me, especially as I can expect between 6% and 9% return on my investment which has at least 25 years life expectancy, and the government tariff is also guaranteed for 25 years too!

    The tariffs decrease depending when you sign up for the scheme, so you need to make your mind up pretty soon to get the rates I mentioned. The property value is enhanced and if push comes to shove, the system can be taken with us if we move; not being ‘plumbed in’ like solar hot water systems. Hence your investment is protected.

    Yes, I am interested in the green credentials of the solar panels, but its economic sense is what swung it for me. The installation team really knew what they were about, and the system immediately started doing its stuff.

    I know I have to average it out with the winter months, but in the reasonable sunny 4 days and one dull day, 5 in total since it was fitted, I am showing a 12.2% return on investment, which bodes well!

    So study the figures and make up your own mind. The installation causes minimum of disruption, with the power off only for 20 minutes and seeing the electricity boards own meter running BACWARDS, totting up exactly what I am selling back to the grid, is one of the most satisfying sights I have seen in a long while!

    R Jones, Worcester

  • Mr and Mrs Simpson

    We recently had solar panels installed for our evacuated solar tubes system. We had decided to do this as we are concerned about the rising cost of energy and the effect to the environment.

    The solar surveyor man was very informative and helpful, answering our queries patiently and with insight, He explained the process and allowed us to make a decision without pressure and so we decided to go ahead.

    The engineers arrived promptly and were polite during the whole visit. They kept us informed throughout the whole day, explaining everything as they went along. They left the site clean and tidy, informing us what to do if we had any problems.

    Since the installation day a week ago we have had no problems and our whole system is working extremely well while noticing that our boiler doesn’t need to be on to heat water at all. We are looking forward to having the PV solar panels also installed too and we commend your staff on their friendly, efficient approach.

    Yours faithfully
    Mr and Mrs Simpson

  • knightley

    May I take this opportunity to say how pleased we are with the photo voltaic solar panels that has now been in operation for two weeks?

    The system has been working problem free and already has generated 54kWh more than half our ongoing electricity requirements.

    We are particularly impressed with the service provided to carry out the work necessary to complete the installation. Total time taken was half a day and all completed with no fuss and minimum disruption. The focus by your solar installers was very commendable.

    We look forward now to the efficient supply of power during the coming months and we are confident that the winter period will continue to be successful in reducing our energy costs too.
    Thank you for a job well done.

  • Its been a year today that I had my pv solar installed and I’ve generated 3852 kW profit from the feed in tariff is £1750 + the energy I save have a look on wwweastangliarenewables.yolasite.com this is a site I buit to show people the result of renewable energy / energy saving and recycling please comment by email about my website many thank to ICL electrical services the installer

  • Benson

    This is a quick short note to sum up how we feel the installation of our new pv panel system has gone.

    Throughout you have all been professional, understanding, prompt, responsive and diligent. We will willingly and happily recommend your company to friends and contacts in the future.

    Best of all though is the joy we get from seeing the wheel on our mains electricity meter GOING BACKWARDS!! It really makes the whole scheme worthwhile.

  • Joe

    I fitted a 3.9 kw PV solar system recently, Cost £11.5k, £4k of my own money plus a £7.5k loan which the FIT etc. pays off in 5 years. My £4K will be paid off by Year 8 if the weather is reasonable 😉

    It doesn’t take a genius to work this out. I’m helping to save the planet and getting a decent return on my investment.

  • Kathy Brown

    We don’t expect to make a fortune but if we estimate that we’ll make half this amount as an average week over the year, we will make 4%. This is more than any other secure investment we have and it’s index linked!

    Added to that with our existing hot water solar panels and these new pv cells we shall be completely offset our carbon footprint for gas/electricity in our home.

    If we could all afford to do this, then what a difference we could make to the countries carbon emissions and economy.

    No wonder the government is investing in promoting the solar panels through the feed in tariff scheme.

  • RichardE

    I am writing to thank you for our excellent installation of solar panels.
    It is comforting to know we are now contributing a small effort in supporting the environmental concerns in the world today.

    Thank you for the very prompt and expert attention you have given to our order as we were advised it would take up to 3 months before installation and it only took 1 and half, so we have been able to use the recent good spell of sunny weather to good use in producing free energy.

    We therefore want to let others know how pleased we are with the professionalism shown and may it be a rewarding experience for every home too.

    Richard E, Birmingham

  • Mrs Smart

    I am writing to let you know how pleased both my husband and myself are with our solar panels that was installed just over two weeks ago.

    Firstly the team of fitters were superb, quick, efficient and polite and tidied up after they finished. You wouldn’t they had been apart from the panels on the roof.

    We tuned off our standard hot water heating system after the installation and still had lots of hot water, it really worked very well.

  • Cyril&Mary

    Several years ago we considered solar photovoltaic for electricity and water heating but could only afford solar panel for water. These were fitted 3and half years ago.

    Now there is the incentive scheme of feed in tariffs and lower installation costs it was an obvious choice to make use of our limited income and savings as pensioners.

    Although it was only installed a couple of months ago and not many bright days, we have watched the units mount up. We truly feel that we are doing our bit for greener energy and being rewarded as well.

    The installation process was extremely smooth, well executed operation from start to finish, well done and thank you for your help.

  • Anthony

    We placed an order for a 2kW pv solar system.

    The installation was completed in about five hours with no mess or fuss. The installers were polite and very careful. The completed job was very neat and tidy.

    Since the installation the panels have generated 116Kw which is far more than we have used.

    I am very happy with our new shiny panels and would not hesitate to recommend solar to anyone. We have just returned from holiday, so today was the first chance I have had to register the feed in tariff with British Gas. This proved to be very simple and straight forward due to the information supplied by the installation team.

    Thanks, Anthony

  • David and Frances

    We had our solar energy panels installed 2 weeks ago and are writing to thank you for the way in which the work was carried out and successfully completed.

    Already we are amazed at the amount of free energy our solar system is producing and are looking forward to our first cheque from our energy supplier.

    We chose to have the solar panels installed as we already have free hot water from an existing system. This is truly making our home into a ‘green home’ – and we feel proud that we are now on the way to becoming 80% sustainable for all our energy needs. We can even power and electric bike and commute to work for free.

    This is now an integral part of the fabric of our home, enabling us to contribute to a healthier, greener world. With the added bonus of ‘free energy’ and also being paid, you can truly ‘beat the system’.

    No tax to pay, just extra income. An excellent solution for every home owner.

  • Collinwood

    I would like to tell you how satisfied I am with the photovoltaic solar panels you installed. I was informed all the way as to what was going on, and people that I dealt with were all very pleasant.

    Once again I want to thank you for installing the system that will not only save me money, but will also make me money.

  • Barbara

    The installation of my solar panels was a good experience – The technicians were considerate and worked efficiently, leaving no mess.

    They unpacked the equipment smoothly and quickly and gave information about the various parts. They had everything they needed and when they took a suitable break was very appreciative of my offer for hot drinks.

    When the work was finished, I was given clear explanations of what was happening as the solar system functioned and I was able to view the various parts. I was particularly impressed by the way my fuse cupboard was re-arranged to take all the necessary equipment as it had become disorderly by the fitting of pervious workers. They also took the trouble of discussing with me the position of the generation meter.

    When they left I felt a firm reassurance that I now had a reliable new machine. Thank you Heat my Home for your help and patience with my lack of knowledge in the running up to my installation day.

    Barbara, Neston

  • Alan

    Dear Sir or indeed madam

    I choose you to help me with my solar power, because they where (at the time I was looking) the best to go with. I’ve been thinking of having some solar for a while, not only to do my bit for the environment but to be able to be more self sufficient in my own home.

    Do you know the benefits are even better than I thought and now my electric company pays me, Excellent!

  • Dr Mayne

    In Africa some 20 years ago, solar power was the key to providing clean water, hot water and electric light. In hospital where I worked we saved electricity in large storage batteries for use after nightfall. Sun light will sterilise dirty water in 12-18 hours, solar heating can provide essential hot water for hospital or clinic, electricity means you can operate at night safely.

    The technology then was still evolving and there were problems when the photovoltaic panels were stolen but it worked well enough to get the work done.

    Fast forward 15 years to North Devon, England and after thinking, reading and comparing different providers we decided to have solar panels installed for hot water. This system has worked well-there is no maintenance and the gas bill went down-the environmental issues were climbing the agenda and this was a factor in the decision to put capital to use.

    Five years on, and photovoltaic electricity look increasingly attractive. The technology has moved on and the efficiency of the units hugely improved. There is a government subsidy called the fed in tariffs, a reduction in energy bills, the ability to sell surplus electric back and a generous return on the investment compared with money in the banks, or even stock markets.

    The consensus view is that fossil fuels are running out, their cost increasing and carbon dioxide generated in their combustion is a major green house gas (not good). The environment is now a big issue, climate change is a threat to the world and to try to contribute something positive is attractive.

    I do some teaching of medical students in Exeter and teach ‘health & climate change’ module. This is well received and it has made me read widely on the subject. It seems hypocritical simply to teach and not to do!

    So pv solar panels have been installed. We have the good fortune in a large south facing roof and the hassle of an installation was minimal.

    I return to Africa for six months, when I return there should be good evidence that this was a wise investment with benefits not just for us.

  • My PV solar has been running since Nov 2010 its working so well Ive decided to build a website and let every body know how it all works. Im giving a free service to any one that would like to know more about renewable energy.

  • Philip

    My wife and i would like to express our satisfaction with our solar panels and to say how delighted we are with our solar pv system. At every stage of the process your staff and reps have been professional, knowledgeable, proactive and helpful. At no point in the process did we feel pressure to buy.

    Your salesman clearly explained how the feed in tariffs worked and the angle and orientation of the roof affecting the amount of energy that would be generated.

    We have now had the system running for one cloudy and rainy week in early June and we have monitored and reduced our mains usage by 45% while generating 76kWh, so our decision to buy a PV panel system is justified on savings alone.

    All in all the decision to buy pv solar panels is an obvious one. The decision to from yourselves is also obvious when you consider the price, professionalism and feed in tariff scheme.

  • Mike Davies

    Just wanted to post to say thanks.

    Just had our house fitted with a 3kw pv solar system and were very impressed. It’s early days so I’ve yet to see if the system generates the expected energy returns throughout the year.

  • Jenny Davis

    We had evacuated tubes installed and think they are wonderful. They have been providing me with very hot water over most of the year.

    I like the look of them on my roof, and passers by always comment on them when I am doing the garden. They certainly had the whole village talking about them for a while.

  • Jack Fairbrother

    We have had solar panels installed because I have always had an interest in solar panels as an engineer, but I have been very impressed by my system since it’s installation 6 months ago. We have been keeping an eye on temperatures from our evacuated tubes, and they have worked brilliantly, even in some weather conditions you wouldn’t expect anything.

  • Kay Smith

    After receiving lots of conflicting advice from many different solar companies. We have now had my solar for 2 years now, and have found excellent savings on our energy bills. Our grandchildren brag that granny has solar panels, and they are a great conversation starter when I am doing my gardening.

  • Sid Brown

    I would like to sing the praises of Cleland from Eco Hi Solar who installed my solar system recently. Very professional, courteous man and I feel confident that I will would use him again if I ever needed any kind of plumbing not just solar.

  • Mr Drury

    Had my solar system installed and the installation team were excellent and very pleased with their professionalism and cleanliness they went the extra mile when teaching us how to use the controller, well after their shift had finished.

    Its a bit too soon to see how my system performs because it has only been installed this week, but the the first 3 days gave us plenty of hot water even when one of the 3 days was cloudy-ish. I will try and remember to give you an update in a months time when I have had a proper amount of time to assess.