False realities of Feminism

Last updated on January 23rd, 2018 at 08:03 am

To be honest, I’m sick and tired of our society demonising men.

Old Adolf Hitler reality for the 21st century.

All lies lead to Hitler.

Yes, there are wrong’uns, but equally, there are nasty women too.

This article is what the American’s call ‘intervention’.

Men have sacrificed themselves in their billions throughout history to protect women and children from dangerous men with swords on horses. Even more so recently in the great wars of only 70 years ago.

The irony of Feminism is that it will and is leading to a more Islamic society. The freedoms that women enjoy today (and the LGBT community) will be swept away forever.

The more women demonise men; the more men will walk away from the bullshit (already occurring MGTOW.com), and the more our government will import new men to pay the taxes to pay for the social security needed to prop-up the Feminism ideology.

Today, Climate Change will continue to bring wave after wave of stronger-minded Muslim male refugees escaping famine and bombs.

Feminism is still in motion, but its already looking like it will be extinguished from human history.

Yes, Feminism is a government-promoted ideology that cares little about the Roman/Celtic/Saxon way of life.

Just like Communism, Capitalism or any other religion, you can think off. All these ‘elite-controlled’ and ‘government implemented’ ideologies bring utter misery to the human story.

It shamed and drugged its boys for being boyish and injects heavy metals into its babies, just so pharmaceutical corporations have a neverending revenue stream. Compulsory vaccinations are just around the corner!

As you get older and wiser, you get to see who your real slave masters are. Feminism was encouraged and promoted by ‘the ruling corporations’ as a simple divide and conquer tactic of control.

Using government policies and social engineering, they nuked the ‘nuclear family’ to weaken the working, middle classes and a nation full of (miserable) single mothers was born, all dependant on a declining economy and energy industry that peaked two decades ago.

Dare I say it; Feminism isn’t working for the majority of womenkind.

While Feminists scream hatred at men, they don’t see that they and their children are now utterly dependant on daddy state and slaves to the corporations. Well done ladies, you fell for the classic ‘misdirection’ trick.

A severe consequence is the removal of everyone’s ‘hard-fought’ rights and public services; won over the last century by your male forebears.

Your real owners make no bones about the fact that ‘water’ should be paid for and is not a human right! If you don’t understand the significance this has on your children; then politics isn’t for you.

The real consequence for your unborn granddaughters (irony coming), means they will have to wear headscarves.

Feminism has ‘overshot’ from its original intended goal. The demonisation of its menfolk goes way beyond what was initially demanded by the original Suffragettes.

You’ve been drunk on power ladies, and now the hangover is coming.

Whether economic collapse or Islamification, Feminism has ‘peaked’ and is now heading towards a slippery downfall and the natural order will reset.

I’m trying to help women retain at least some of their ‘human rights’ going forward into the next century.

The illusion of false enemies

Men invented and constructed the modern world and ultimately took away the drudgery that women had to endure in daily life in all of history. That newfound freedom (engineered by men) allowed women the freedoms they enjoy today. Recognise!

Vladmir Putin protecting his people from the western civisation.

Whose your real enemy?

Today, Feminism gets angry if asked to make a meal by a hard-working male!

I would give my life to protect my mum, sister and women’s freedom in general (and countless men have), but today’s Feminism that tells you men are wicked is bullshit and toxic to our way of life.

Aim your unique skills towards the top of our social-pyramid structure who use Nazi-learned propaganda to create false enemies.

Stop demonising men and thank them for the freedoms and this great civilisation they gave you.

What we do over the next thirty years will dictate our species fate as industrial-scaled crop failures begin to bite.

Our failing civilisation and collapsing biosphere need a critical eye on what Feminism has achieved in the grand scheme apart from sowing the seeds of its replacement.

New planets are being discovered today on a daily basis; bacteria found growing on the outside of the Internation Space Station (ISS).

More amazingly, the US government finally came clean about ufos, and the Nazca mummies bring us into a new era of enlightenment. However, there are no greener pastures than our Earth, and real freedom is a rare phenomenon in the teaming with life universe you now inhabit.

For all our achievements, we’re the hill billy’s of the universe – Darleen.

A new period of social recognition and phycological adjustment is needed by our Feminist friends to address these huge issues of our time.

Feminism as a social experiment has already failed; will the human experiment follow in its footsteps?

As if to prove the point, a well-known female celebrity with kids asked to have bespoke ‘pink’ solar panels manufactured. Upon installation day, she was adamant that she didn’t want the system operational as it was just for show.

Dare I say it; modern-day Feminism is an utter disgrace and I have no doubt that both my Grandma’s who contributed towards the WW2 effort while their men were risking their lives – would agree.

Womenkind was given an unprecedented chance within history to prove it was indeed equal. They screwed it up in only half a century!

Before one can build and improve for the 21st century, one must first acknowledge the rot of the 20th century.

P.S. Linda Moulton Howe who has been turning the thumb screws on government ufo lies since the 1970’s for the greater good of the human species and someone your daughters should be aspiring to be in the 21st-century.

Fakery is so last century!


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December 21, 2017
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