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Solar heating panels & incentives

This incentive is available for solar heating panels and evacuated tubes. These increasingly popular technologies can bring your household with three decades worth of free hot water - stored and ready to use day and night.

Solar heating tariffs.

Evacuated solar tubes kits & incentives.

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In a nutshell.

Applicants of the government's Renewable Heat Incentive will receive 19.2p per kWh produced, giving a guaranteed seven-year income from their installation. The newly formed Renewable Heat Incentive is designed to guarantee an income.

Thermodynamic installations are excluded.

The tariff gives you 20 years of income and savings on your energy consumption. The scheme payments are tax-free income and index-linked which means your payments will always stay in line with inflation.

Also, you will also reduce your household fuel bills in the long-term, thus protecting yourself from energy price rises.

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The basics.

Generate and sell energy and join the growing army of investors installing solar heating panels.

  • Allows you to save on producing heat in your home.
  • Pays owners for the energy they produce even when used.
  • 20 years of tariff payments with 30-40 year panel lifespan.
  • Tax-free and index-linked.

Solar heating. Why not?

We don't recommend flat-plate or evacuated tubes today because installing PV solar panels can working alongside an Immersun or iBoost heating converter to heat up your hot water tank using excess electricity.

The benefits of this type of set-up over a standard solar heating set-up are the additional benefits of generating electricity and generating revenue with the solar PV incentive.

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Questions about solar heating tariffs

How does the scheme work?

You will be paid a guaranteed sum for a guaranteed period, whether you use it or not. Just like the feed-in tariff scheme for PV panels, you will receive annual payments from your energy supplier based on the performance readings of your installation.

For this reason, we recommend an evacuated tube system, which gives a much better performance, especially in the winter months than many flat-plate systems. However, if you do prefer the aesthetics of flat-plate panels, then they will still work perfectly fine.

Where's the catch?

The government will be raising funds through a general increase in electricity prices to the standard consumer and European funding. This system will be part of the money that the government put aside to meet legally binding climate change obligations, so there is no catch.

Why are the government doing this?

Ninety-nine percent of domestic heating is expensive fossil fuels such as coal, oil, electricity and gas, which makes up a staggering fifty-five percent of the national total of emissions, so the government has targets of fifteen percent to meet from 2020 to reduce our dependence on carbon-intensive fuels.

Taking advantage of this Renewable Heat Incentive will help our country meet these ambitious targets as well as saving money long-term on expensive heating bills and not to mention doing your bit for the environment.

Government Guarantee.

The Government will guarantee your feed-in tariff scheme for the next 20 years. This scheme will allow time for you to get a return on your investment that is usually about 14 years for a technology that will still be serving you in 30 years. This guarantee of a long-term income adds weight to the belief that investing in solar panels may add value to and improve the sell-ability of your home if you require.

Why today and not tomorrow?

The overall aim of the feed-in tariff is to promote the use of panels and create a snowball effect on technology take up. The rewards will decrease as uptake increases.

Be aware, the global market will push-up prices in the future, giving another reason why it has never been so good to install panels now.

A guide to solar heating panels

A super-efficient water heating technology.

Flat-plate Solar heating panels and evacuated solar tubes heat up hot water in your hot water tank supplying you with a constant supply of hot water, and in some cases space heating during the daylight hours. You won't need to use your existing boiler in the summer while using it less in the winter months too.

These panels divide into three types:

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Find local MCS installers. Solar heating incentives
Find local MCS installers. Schematics for solar heating panels

Quick facts

Sunshine solar panels. Evacuated solar tubes are the best performing system, but flat-plate panels integrate like a Velux window.

Sunshine solar panels. Solar heating systems require a maintenance service every 3-4 years, but this can integrate into your installation deal.

Sunshine solar panels. A more modern thermal storage tank can be fitted to integrate multiple renewable energy sources.

Sunshine solar panels. Your solar heating system can be at your service for 25-30 years within the UK climate.


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