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"The home should be a bubble of safety, but no longer."

Smart protection.

Do you need needs Smartie Meter protection?

I feel it's important to warn people of the dangers of Smartie Meters. Radio Frequency is a type of microwave. These devices belt out unhealthy amounts of electromagnetic radiation into the home.

In a nutshell:

Modern electrcity meters (RF) are over-powered by as much as ninety-five percent. It may be a shock to most, and it's heartbreaking that they install these devices with little regard for health. Health implications are real, yet easy to defeat once the threat is exposed. Get these experiments out of your home, or purchase a faraday protection cover.

Community awareness reduces community exposure to these frequencies. This deployment was unethical!

Stranger danger.

In 2022, the World Health Organisation confirmed that radiofrequency radiation (Wireless Smartie Meters) could cause cancer.

Other reported problems include Fatigue, Weakness, Headaches, Brain Fog, Concentration, Depression, Anxiety, Memory Loss, Visual Problems, Light Sensitivity, Heart Palpitations, and Dizziness.

A faraday protection cover reduces exposure to high levels of Radio Frequency while still allowing the device to work. Ideally, it's best not to adopt it in the first place as there is no legal requirement. This solution is for homes that may have already adopted it or with neighbours who did.

The home should be a bubble of safety, but is no longer the case with today's Smartie Meters. Thus, in addition to a faraday protection cover solution, you can use RF-resistant paint on your walls to minimise the impact from your neighbours Smartie Meter. Additionally, warn your neighbours too, as this will help reduce your exposure to their emissions.

This deployment was unethical!

Safe and Smart were false claims!

Firstly, marketing claims about Smartie Meters don't hold water under scrutiny.

Secondly, a warrant was required to cut off supply (for whatever reason). Once installed, your power company can cut you off remotely. Additionally, these meters aim towards rationing power for future restrictions - documented aspirations of the World Economic Forum.

Selling data about your daily cycles is on the cards too. If you want to understand this, this is similar to honey-trap tactics employed by Social Media. Plans to mine and sell personal information to security agencies about daily routines is real. 'Smart' empowers the vendor, not the consumer! Go to my family protection shop

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