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PV & battery storage.

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PV solar panels and battery storage for a sun-powered household day and night

PV solar panels and battery storage allow people to benefit from the sunshine during the nighttime. A game-changer for photovoltaic adoption.

In a nutshell:

  • Li-ion batteries are well-proven in Chinese taxis, because they do over 100,000 miles and still, have 80% charging abilities.
  • Lifespans and warranties, consisting of decades, comes as standard with modern PV-tech.
  • Install today or upgrade later.

The science bit.

Today's battery storage systems are smart monitoring, management and storage product that puts your PV solar panels excess power to intelligent use.

75% of a typical household's energy costs are in the evening.


In cycles terms, the Li-Ion battery will last approximately a decade and then another decade at 80% charging capacity.


3-10 kWh output. 750-volt maximum DC input voltage.

We love solar panels.

"PV with battery storage was the first game-changer; electric vehicle charging comes a close second."

Questions about PV and battery storage

How does the battery work?

Lithium ions interspersed throughout many layers, so when the battery gets charged by the sun, the resulting electron current drives the lithium ions out of the cathode and into another layer, called the anode that's made up of stacks of graphite.

How many hours does battery storage give?

Several, but depends on how many appliances are used.

A 10 kWh sized system will give you ten kilowatts over an hour. A hair dryer takes about 1kW to run, while a washing machine uses several kW to run, but generally, a battery store can power an average household for several hours in the evening.

How long do the batteries last?

Typically, 3000-4000 recharging cycles from a full drain to full charge. The system is designed to switch between devices on demand and seamlessly automatically.

Can I still use Economy 7?

Yes. Ensure you make the installation team are aware that you have Economy 7, so they can structure the install to draw from the grid rather than the battery after 11 pm.

What about a warranty?

All PV solar installations come with a manufacturer and installation warranty of ten years.

Is it easy to install?

Battery storage installations come with minimum fuss. DIY installations aren't possible because a Part P electrical qualification is required legally.

Solar made easy.

Electricity generated on-site has always been the cleanest form of energy and now it's cheapest over the battery's lifespan.

Battery storage enables additional financial benefits from your PV solar panels to achieve a more substantial chunk of self-sufficiency. A monitor such as the SolarEdge enables tracking over a day, week or year.

There's nothing more satisfying than powering your evening life.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt
Founder of Power My Home.

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