Progress may not be as it seems

“What we consider as impossible to us are simply engineering problems to those who seek power.”

Your independence is slipping away through ignorance and lies.

Your independence is slipping away through ignorance and lies.

Our success in building the internet has distracted us from the building of our future.

I used to think the internet was an excellent tool for greater freedoms. Now I believe it is a controlling tool and become a shackle for your mind.

A distracted mind is an imprisoned mind, all the while your civil rights, your employment rights and even your right to justice have disappeared in the ten short years you have been gawping at your iPhone.

They have learned very quickly that they can do anything wanted and the only opposition they will receive are strongly worded tweets or web page comments.

The distraction issue permeates not just in our thoughts, but throughout our physical world too. It’s not only our politicians who are playing Candy Crush instead of debating your future in Parliament. Everyone who can ‘get away with it’, is clicking between the spreadsheet and the funniest cat video on YouTube everyday working day.

As if to prove my point you clicked the link. Our infrastructure is vulnerable, our planet’s life support systems are breaking down, and nobody can pull themselves away from their online betting addictions.

Please, direct public complaints to any monitored social network, please.

Your energy bills are up for sale

If the internet is our national consciousness, then our energy infrastructure is its blood – supplying vital parts of your classy lifestyle with nutrient-rich electrons. What has occurred this week in the energy sector should have David Cameron’s Twitter feed smoking.

The nuclear Hinkley Point deal with China has effectively ‘sold off’ your children’s energy future in the same way there affordable housing bought a decade earlier. You and your children are cash cow commodities and have been ‘sold’ off – and that’s the real reason the incentives for solar panels are being stamped out.

It was Joseph Goebbels who said if you’re going to lie to the people, then make it big. Telling people that investing in solar panels will keep the nation’s energy bills high is the exact opposite of the truth.

There are no coincidences in life, and the quick dismantling of the solar industry incentives occurring alongside the Chinese nuclear deal is not coincidental either. Bottom line, the Chinese didn’t want to spend ten years building themselves a money-making asset, to then find that the nation had taken solar panels to their heart and diminished their ability to make money from us.

China is still unhappy that the European Union have imposed anti-dumping tariffs on solar panels imported from China in 2013. This gave us all a huge clue as to China’s long-term intent. Simply, to destroy every native industry with cheap imports and then once each nation is dependent – raise prices exponentially Roman style.

This tactic is Chinese Empire building on a global scale, and unfortunately, our politicians have kissed the emperor’s ring and led us down a Roman road that can’t be removed.

Personally, as a human being, I’m proud that my granddad helped in a small way to prevent Hitler from acquiring the atom bomb. As a nation, we put our collective minds together and stood up to a more advanced country at that time who only saw us as an asset to acquire.

Luckily, for our grandmothers, we had high leadership and collective mindset of real freedom. Many of the rights we have lost, your children have lost in the name of national security come straight from the Nazi handbook.

Today, we see another nation, who only see us as ‘cash cows’ for their long-term global empire-building strategy. We have weak leadership with no foresight further than the next election win. A leadership that has rolled over to get their tummies tickled at the cost of your children’s future.

Modern invasion forces don’t come with swords and shields, or even warplanes and warships. They arrive with trade deals and cheap imports, designed to smash the local economy into a more long-term dependence.

Germany in the latter half of the 20th-century, learned very quickly that power and control no longer require rifles. The Chinese have bettered Germany’s example, but the German people still have pride and continue to excel worldwide. Great Britain I’m sad to say no longer.

One day, you’ll look at your children, and their inability to afford the rent, switch on the heating, and they’re GMO related health issues, and you’ll wonder where it all went wrong.

That moment goes all the way back to fluoridation of your water supply. Again, another Nazi idea to keep the people in concentration camps docile and compliant.

The Chinese aren’t investing in lowering your energy bills!

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2015-10-23