Beat the system with PV solar panels

A younger more revolutionary me would have loved the fact that there is a modern way to beat the system. Let me explain why PV solar panels (photovoltaic) will re-energise your revolutionary spirit.

Why choose PV solar panels to beat the system?

Why choose PV solar panels to beat the system?

Albeit a small victory, in a world increasingly weighted against the many, the phrase “can’t beat the system, go with the flow” could almost become a party political slogan for either political party.

Also, a self-interested and ‘too big for its own boots’ banking system no longer considers its customer’s cash to be essential and by locking society into an electronic monetary system either by design or an unexpected consequence, they now know you have no other option, but to use their essential services.

The illusion of choice in politics, banking and the energy industries is like choosing a new kitchen appliance. No matter which ‘logo’ or ‘choose me’ slogan you choose, you instinctively know it’s going to let you down within the next few years.

For those who are lucky enough to have accrued enough money to be earning interest in the current banking system and unless you have a secret Swiss account, then your hard-earned funds will be lucky to be making you, e.g. 2-3% of interest.

Longevity in the modern world is as rare to find as a Bengal Tiger in the wild, but that’s what I love about PV solar technologies. With an average lifespan of over thirty years for both solar heating and electric panel system’s will last longer than your mortgage and give you an average rate of return of 8-12% excluding your savings on your energy bills. How revolutionary is that?

PV solar panels rise in popularity over the last few years were driven by the acceptance of escalating energy prices, which is out of the control of any government. However, history shows, accepting the world for what it is, would never have spawned our modern age. From Roman engineering to the Renaissance’s inventiveness, to the industrial age and even Microsoft Windows brought about a revolutionary change in our current lives.

And change is in the air yet again, with PV solar panels now tipping the balance of power in favour of the homeowner. Disconnection from high energy costs will soon be the driving force for the solar panel industry over the next few years.

Our recent coalition government backed by the oil and gas industries attempted to derail the increasing popularity of this fledgeling industry last year because ‘turning the tide’ in favour of the homeowner was seen as unacceptable by a fossil fuel-powered government.

In the same way, the early Catholic Church attempted to squash the Renaissance, change never comes easy, but the sheer numbers of people willing that change will undoubtedly override any resistance that may occur.

Choosing a new path to tread

The way in which we heat and power our homes is changing.

Continue to suckle on the depleting and over-priced milk of your power company or choose a new ‘logo’ or ‘marketing slogan’ to the header you’re ever-increasing energy bills or find alternative ways that are the choice we must decide.

As we are all finding out with politics, there is no real choice, only the illusion of choice and a different logo.

Real change comes from true pioneers who sticks their neck out of the crowd. A PV solar panel installation is precisely this statement on many homes today. Some remember that excitement of being the first on the street to purchase a TV set in the 1950s. Revolutionary at the time and which spawned the media industry we see today.

Whether we like it or not, long-term energy predictions are dangerous. Oil and gas companies are stretching their technological capabilities to try to gather the last of the hard to reach hanging fruits. When even Saudi Arabia begins to invest 100 billion dollars in alternative energy technologies, you know the game is up on the cheap oil age we all still pine.

As Saudi Arabia’s Oil Minister Ali Al-Naimi said recently, oil’s worth more to them on the ground, rather than selling it on the open market. How many other forward-thinking countries will follow this line of thinking as traditional fuels become a premium product.

It’s not a matter of should I want to install solar panels; it’s a matter of when or if you will get lost in the stampede for this type of technology once the oil market crashes. Sound familiar?

You can beat the bank’s pathetic low-interest rates, you can hit the premium-priced energy market, and you can beat the rush for solar panels with a little revolutionary thinking now.

Beat the system, beat the rush and be a pioneering home of the energy-savvy – Choose wisely.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2013-01-24
Founder of Power My Home.