Energy wars and ecological damnation

Listening to a radio debate about global warming, it became obvious (but apparently not all) how humanity has painted itself into a corner.

Climate change kills.

Climate change kills.

The needs and wants of people constrained by the engine of commerce are at loggerheads with the requirements of a healthy planet. Prioritising, one of the other will lead to a devastating outcome, whichever put first. The old rock and a hard place scenario.

So world leaders have signed up to the, go with what you know, approach and continuation of growth leading to resource wars, famine and ecological damnation.

Last week’s summit of world powers in Rio+20 changed nothing, inspired nobody and declared business as usual, under the new term of “Sustainable Development”. This situation means, carry on what you are doing and uses a lot of green in your marketing.

The same week that the world told we could not afford to fight the challenge of global warming. Additionally, the same day we found out that Britain’s super-wealthy were stashing the cash away from the treasury, and if it’s happening here, you can bet your last dollar, that it’s happening everywhere.

In my last article, I wrote about the need for the extreme hoarding of money to be seen as the physiological condition that it is. Wealth creation can only be beneficial if the wealth flows through the economy, so a wealth cap of around £100 million dollars/pounds/Euro’s is needed to free up resources for the most significant challenges ever.

The product of 150 years of industrial activity, with its generated wealth, needs to be used to reverse the effects and consequences of those actions. All who have gained vast amounts of wealth have done so at the expense of the environment and our children.

Can we assume that money taken out of the system by a hoarding few can be used constructively again? Can we expect that hoarding few have been avoiding tax and so are indebted to their governments anyway?

The point I am making here is that to solve the planet-wide problems that we all face, will require alternative thinking. A way of thinking never before imagine, because the issue’s it seeks to solve problems never faced before. The “Before Climate Change Awareness” times will have to be replaced by “After Climate Change Awareness” times.

The difference between these two-time frames will have to be as fundamentally different, as the years before and after the abolishment of slavery in the 1800s.

The world has money to fight the problems of global warming, energy security and biodiversity degradation; it just needs to be extracted from the few. The few who got extremely wealthy off the back of slavery would have fought tooth and nail to prevent change; however, morality and the decency won through in the end.

Morality and doing the decent thing is once again, at the forefront of consciences, and once again the bigger picture, the call for change and doing the right thing, for the benefit of our species, all other species and the place we call home is paramount.

A revolution in energy & social thinking

The consequences of doing nothing will affect millions of people today and the generations of tomorrow, through energy wars, agricultural decline with famine, water shortages, and marine stocks crash.

The economic crisis we currently find ourselves within is a by-product of wealth hoarding. Freeing up the world’s wealth for a global “World Protection Fund”, amid an employing the world’s escalating unemployed, to begin to reverse the damage inflicted by industrialisation.

Capitalism in its present form, like a virus, will destroy its host. Capitalism and wealth creation geared toward preservation. The complicated relationship between species has enabled to thrive. Too much of a good thing is bad for you and never has this been true for the modern world.

As the Terminator movies so eloquently put it, “The future is unwritten”, and doing nothing is not our only option.

Governments are concentrated, not on defending the living Earth from destruction, but on protecting the machine that is destroying it. The thought that it might be the wrong machine, pursuing the misguided agenda, can’t be voiced in mainstream politics.

Protecting our most significant asset should be capitalism’s new role, looking forward.

The extraordinary problems we face; require excellent solutions.

There is a third way, but it takes a revolution in new thinking.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2012-06-29