I won’t eat Tuna Fish anymore!

There is a saying “what goes around comes around”, and this has never been truer where Fukushima radiation leaks are concerned.

If you think this problem is a long distant newspaper headline, then think again!

If you only obtain your news from the mainstream media, then you can be forgiven for not knowing the real scale of the problem because there seems to be a real effort to conceal the true extent of this disaster.

Three years on from the radiation leak of an immeasurable scale by the meltdown of three of the plants six nuclear reactors, the true extent of this radioactive leakage, which still occurs even today, is avoided by the global mainstream news.

To give you a sense of the impact and how unprepared the authorities including the US military was regarding the exact size of the radiation leak. I must, therefore, tell you the story of the USS Ronald Reagan, which was dispatched to offer assistance to the Japanese people under operation Tomodachi meaning “friend”.

This nuclear-powered ship went to take radiation readings and to offer assistance from the Japanese shore, shortly after the original explosion. What was discovered was the radiation measurements were 30 times higher than what was expected, even after moving 100 miles away from the shore?

Many tuna species spend their first year in the coastal waters around Japan feeding and gathering strength for the long migration straight into Pacific fisheries.

Only three years on, there are reports of over 100 of the ship’s personnel who were initially exposed to that radiation on that day and are now seeking justice for health care because of radiation causing medical problems and including life-threatening cancers.

The level of radiation leaked out into the Pacific has been massively understated by Japanese the authorities and TEPCO (The Tokyo Electric Power Company) to ‘save face’. This situation has been alongside a possible blanket on the news by the world’s governments even today once they finally understood the real impact of the disaster.

The intentional use of over 3 million gallons of contaminated seawater used to contain the melted cores over the last three years have been dumped right back again into the regions of pre-migrating tuna.

The radiation has reached North America?

They have already found tuna fish off California, which has very high levels of radioactive caesium. This finding should concern everyone.

Cesium levels have gone up an astonishing 45 million times above pre-accident levels, say, oceanographer Ken Buesseler, a senior scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Along with Nicholas Fisher, a marine science professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook – and other concerned scientists.

These levels then declined rapidly for a short while, later unexpectedly levelled off. By July 2013, caesium levels stopped falling and remained around 10,000 times above pre-accident levels.

This means the ocean isn’t diluting the radiation as expected. If it had been, caesium levels would have kept falling.

The startling results confirm that radiation is still being spilt in very high volumes into the ocean long after the original incident in 2011.

Also, the United States government and many others have increased the amounts of radiation the population can “safely” absorb by raising the safety zone. It would seem that the re-writing of these “safe zones” are designed to protect the government and nuclear industry more than human life.

More startling is, even water samples from across the coast of North America have tested positive for unsafe levels of radioactivity. The radiation has reached the shores of North America, Alaska and Canada and we can only conclude that most of the Northern Pacific region and its marine life are now highly contaminated.

This disaster means that the complete ecosystem of the Pacific Ocean is poisoned with radiation and not told the real scale of the accident.

The problem is that you won’t know you’re eating toxic fish until it is too late and I doubt that the ‘trillion-dollar Pacific fisheries’ are voluntarily going to take them off your menu.

Even if we continue to pretend the problems are now in the history books, whether we like it or not, Fukushima and the whole northern regions of the Pacific is still an unfolding disaster story.

The associated health problems for both marine species and humans who eat them will continue to unfold for decades to come, and by the time the truth does finally emerge, you may have had one tin of tuna, too many.

And Fukushima is not done spewing radioactivity into the ocean yet. The reactor cores have gone AWOL; no one exactly knows where they are.

The rate of radioactive cooling water used to protect the other three cores is still being drained into the ocean and increasing (300 tons per day). There are over 1,300 rods that are removed. But these aren’t the uranium rods. These are MOX plutonium rods which are the dirtiest of them all. This dismantling and cleanup operation will take up to three decades (optimistically) to deal with.

Bioaccumulation via plankton, little fish, big fish on your plate with the circulation of calcium levels across the Pacific food chain needs to concern us all.

Tuna sandwich anyone?

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Stuart Lovatt 2014-04-04
Founder of Power My Home.