Women sitting pretty with PV solar panels

What have solar panels got to do with feminism?

I’m proudly the son of a wonderful strong mother, who demonstrated in her own life, the determination to get the job done while teaching me not to put up with the bullshit of people.

A testament to ‘real’ girl power.

However, today’s feminists have become nothing more than Cosmopolitan reading princesses, demanding the latest products from their super glossy magazines.

So, bringing womanhood back down to Earth, the planet’s natural world is slipping away into the night through our fingers like dry sand! Our species no longer has a future if this continues.

We need ‘girl power’ to once again rise, put an end to mankind’s bullshit and focus on the importance of keeping this world ‘habitable’ for the many species that we depend upon and not just a few.

Unfortunately, feminism got distracted by shiny things. Once again, egotistical men, strutting and rutting are threatening the future of the species and only women can prevent an environmental calamity.

Feminism’s current crop of female politicians such as May and Rudd are corrupted and are only serving their power-hungry male puppet masters. The deliberate dismantling of the solar industry in the UK is a testament to that!

We as a species have made our lives comfortable, but it’s all being put at risk because a few wanting to ‘Lord it over’ the many. When civilisations collapse, it never turns out good for the men or women of those times.

So I plead with womankind to use your influence to get this civilisation off this oil-based economy once and for all. Women are the master manipulators who can get the job done and give their children a future to look forward to again.

A solar-powered ‘enhanced’ society as demonstrated by Germany over the last two decades will increase household budgets as annual energy costs for families will plummet – long term.

This simple change will result in a more vibrant economy and will allow services such as the NHS to survive without fossil fuel subsidies.

Angela Merkel has transformed Germany’s energy sector in only a few short years and aligned her country as the spearhead for alternative energy technologies across the world – you go, girl!

In comparison to our current crop of politicians that are only concerned with protecting Rupert Murdoch’s, Richard Desmond’s and Paul Dacre’s personal fossil fuel investment portfolios.

History will show these power-obsessed men bringing the rest of us down again!

Time to take them down, ladies.

The reality is that we are one hundred years behind technologically because a few benefit from their ‘centralised model’. This system is threatening our ability to feed ourselves. It doesn’t get more severe than that!

Unnecessary suffering of women in wars for oil, women trying to feed their children with food banks, Grandma’s dying of cold because they can’t afford the heating and babies dying in hospitals because we have an underfunded health system.

All no longer necessary and all a direct result of a country that has peaked and is no longer progressing forward due to its continued reliance on antiquated energy policies.

Sisters doing it for themselves

I always thought it was strange that women would spend many tens of thousands protecting their kids on the school run, but not install solar panels for a few grand more?

The feedback I get from those who have already installed solar panels is always positive and wished that they’d done it much sooner.

That’s how I see ‘the national transition’ towards alternative technologies. Once it’s done, your kids will look back at this period and wonder why it took so long.

It can be done within a single decade, and we as a generation can look back with a sense of pride that we finally brought the future forward.

Each PV solar panel (photovoltaic) system lasts well over three decades and is versatile with lots of additional plugin technologies today. Not even your overly expensive kiddy carrier can claim that. The savings on energy costs nationally and personally will self-fund a solar-powered feminist future.

So as a simple and humble man, I ask for the help of all womankind to roll up their sleeves once again, lie back and think of England if necessary, but let’s get this job done once and for all and put the pride back into this country.

Sitting pretty and feeling the pride that comes with solar panels on your roof is not just “because you’re worth it”. It’s because our species is worth saving.

I’m very impressed that when women come together, they can soon turn into a powerful, fast-flowing force that changes the landscape around them – forever.

There is an army of hunky men, ready willing and technologically savvy to help transform this economy green in under a decade. We humbly ask the wonder women of our country to use your lady skills to help make this happen for everyone.

Girl power and solar power working hand-in-hand with new direction and purpose.

"PV-powered people."


Stuart Lovatt 2017-07-05
Founder of Power My Home.