The future contains PV solar panels

PV solar panels will continue to adorn homes worldwide.

How are we so confident of this? Energy costs will continue to rise at quicker and quicker rates. Alleviate this pain on a more long-term basis. This situation will keep the photovoltaic solar panel industry growing.

Dependency on expensive fossil fuels is and has been the primary incentive for many early PV adopters. Many were swayed by the generous feed-in tariff but reducing dependency is the primary focus.

The world is changing. Even the geopolitical powerhouses of China and India invest in these green technologies.

Additionally, PV incentive schemes are being adopted by other nations, including Spain, the USA, Australia, Germany, and France, to name only a few. Ask yourself why the most powerful countries on the planet are investing in solar panels?

Do they know something we already know? Eight billion people! Corporate bosses have warned us. The writing is truly on the wall that we ignore at our peril.

This is why PV solar panels are great! With thirty-years lifespan for solar heating panels, including evacuated tubes, and thirty to forty years with a photovoltaic system. The long-term cushion that solar panels offer and are the most effective self-generation system today.

We’ve all seen the difference that two-decades of energy price have made. With millions of people already in fuel poverty, the writings on the wall, as the predicted outlook for energy prices is two-grand annually before 2025!

Yes, you read that correctly. This is why the future is bright for solar panels worldwide and not just in the United Kingdom.

Stuart Lovatt 2011-12-15