We had solar panels installed

We’ve been shouting from the rooftops for years at how brilliant solar panels are. You don’t understand the benefits until you’ve seen them at work. After asking some of our customers, we have had great responses:

“As scientists, we invested in solar heating panels years ago, proved it worked and saved us money. Now we have paid for the expensive PV solar system which will give us a better return for our money than the building society. After all the space station which uses the technology proves the system works long-term.”
Mr. Seigal, Sussex

“We have recently had a solar heating system installed to provide for our outside swimming pool. We are thoroughly enjoying the benefits of free additional heating which makes our pool both enjoyable and economic and extends the season both in spring and autumn. As gas prices increase the value of energy provided by our panels increases, making this a very worthwhile investment.

It is reducing our annual household expenditure as well as adding value and saleability to our property. We also take great pleasure in knowing that we are reducing our carbon footprint substantially.”
Mr. Bosshardt, London

“Since having the PV solar panels fitted last August we have noticed that even on dull days our system has still generated substantial power and are delighted. Everyone, we have come into contact with couldn’t have been more helpful, and the product appears to be doing everything expected of it.”
The G family, Cornwall

“We learned to our surprise that the cost of installing a solar panel system in our home was considerably less expensive than we had believed it would be and so found ourselves able to say ‘yes’ we could afford to have this work done.

“Knowing that we are now making substantial savings on our annual fuel costs, that we are utilising a natural and renewable energy source is giving us a real sense of achievement. We would recommend the photovoltaic solar energy system which is very unobtrusive, sleek, and pleasing to the eye to anyone who, like us wants to reduce their fuel bills substantially.”
Mr. and Mrs. Sutcliffe, South Yorkshire

“The installation done by your company was impressive. Despite the gloomy February weather when installed, it was very satisfying to see electricity produced from the first day.”
John, London

“As I began to look into the possibility of installing solar panels, I became more and more confused and wary about all the facts and figures and different products, but your company helped me navigate through this sea of solar information and arrive at a system that suited me and my needs. Indeed, my overall experience has been a pleasant one.

My PV solar panels got installed, and I am now registered with the electric company to export power, so am like a mini power station and happy in the knowledge that I am doing my bit to be greener.

I too would recommend solar panels

I would be happy to recommend a professional company, efficient and informative from the surveyor’s inspection and detailed report, for installation day when the technical guys took great care of their work and instilled confidence with their general solar knowledge.”
Mrs. Hoptroff, Sussex

“I recently had to take the PV solar meter reading on the anniversary of the installation of our system.
In precisely 52 weeks, it generated 3063 kW, earning us some £1311. This technology against a total energy bill for the same period of £950. A profit of £361 & a return of about £12, 750 invested.

We are delighted!”
Peter, Rushden

“As a company, you will naturally play a significant role in the rapid rise of popularity for PV solar systems. As such, it will play its part in the contribution to reduce not only our carbon footprint but the whole country’s reliance on expensive fossil fuels.

Thank you for your excellent service.”
Tim, Wiltshire

“We decided to install PV solar panels based on a combination of the index-linked feed-in tariff scheme and our wish to reduce our carbon footprint. Throughout the whole process, of sales, survey, and installation, everyone has been courteous, and questions have answered promptly. The installation of our 3.96 kWh system took less than a day and resulted in a very tidy installation.

We have been delighted with the whole process and would thoroughly recommend your company.”
Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, Hampshire

“My wife and I were interested in exploring the possibility of having PV solar panels installed on tour property, and we decided to go ahead with the informative information you gave us. Both my wife and I are pleased with both the performance of the system but also the professional approach of your company. I would not hesitate to recommend the technology and your business to other interested persons.”
Mr. Johns, Suffolk

“We are not buying anything” My wife’s first reaction when I told her we had an appointment with a solar panel surveyor. She jokingly added “if he is too pushy he won’t get a cup of Tea. My interest had been generated by a significant Sunday newspaper article adding the free installation of solar panels (What’s in it for them?) And our long-held belief in the financial and environmental benefits of renewable energy.

The surveyor gave an excellent explanation of solar energy systems that were easy to follow and understand. Within 10 minutes, he offered a glass of wine; he settled for tea!

We installed the 4kW system and found despite the fact that nightfall generated cloud 4.4 units. Even, dark low, cloud during the following two days resulted in still producing 7.2 groups each day.

Dark low, cloud giving 7.2 units a day is excellent news. If the sun fails to breakthrough during the next ten years a daily yield plus a predicted 50% saving our electricity bills would achieve the 10-year repayment target. With this in mind, sunshine is almost a complete bonus. A sunny day is quite a substantial bonus.

Our 10-year repayment target almost seems pessimistic or six or seven years seem more likely with average weather conditions. What’s in it for the free solar panels suppliers. No thanks, keep it for yourself. I feel sure we have made the most profitable investment we are ever likely to make.”
Mr. and Mrs. Bridgestock, Cornwall

Stuart Lovatt 2011-07-19