Vote solar panels and help us

Let’s cut the crap! You cannot do anything economically without an affordable and long-term energy strategy. Every other electoral promise is just throwing sweets about like a clown at a child’s birthday party.

Fracking versus solar panels.

Fracking versus solar panels.

No deficit reduction, no NHS spending, no up-down or down-up wealth creation can occur if our energy supply isn’t properly secured.

Increased disposable income for the masses and thus a more resilient economy cannot occur while our nation is dependent on the big six energy companies. No amount of switching providers will change that fact.

In fact, the only reason the 1980s boomed was that of the considerable investment in the North Sea, but now a more permanent fix is required for our future energy requirements.

Fast forward thirty years and the short term-ism of that investment is now becoming apparent (ironically, less time than solar panel systems working life) and a fresher approach to unlocking household income from the uncertainty and volatility of global energy markets is now required.

This fork in the road is just not being discussed. So how are we going to move forward with our nation’s energy future, especially since Middle Eastern geopolitics seems to be breaking down on an even more daily basis.

The times, they are a-changing, and most people don’t realise that everything, including your pension, social security and national security based on the affordability and overall cost of heating and powering our homes.

The most significant election issue that’s not talked about in the current political obsession with ‘fracking’. Just like the privatisation of the NHS was kept hush last election, we now find that the thorny issue of fracking that’s swept under the campaign trails and distraction techniques.

After a visit to Chester last week, it emerged that David Cameron vetted the questions he would be asked before arriving. Why would Mr Cameron sanitise his contact with the press and the public in this way?

Naturally, because fracking is high on the agenda here in Chester, where locals are furiously fighting against this highly destructive form of producing energy. The real reason that ‘husky hugging’ Mr Cameron and others are throwing pledges around during this ‘period of supposed deficit reduction’ is to allow industrial-scale fracking to occur post-election.

Once this happens, the deal’s done. No amount of protesting will change diddly squat. Fracking protesters will be just labelled as NIMBYS and swept away like pesky flies. Unbeknownst to most, this election is the deciding factor for Britain’s energy future, and people are deliberately distracted to hide the real importance.

The grim reality, is that ‘your rights’ to legally challenge this destructive procedure near your home has already been dissolved in preparation. This presence will pave the way for full-scale fracking armageddon on our countryside, especially should a full Conservative government manage to grasp the reins of power after this election.

The simple facts are that those hydrocarbons can’t burn and to do so will see many more immigrants/refugees descending on Europe to escape the ravages of climate-related starvation. The Arab uprisings were just the beginning of the rising cost of food in vulnerable regions of the planet – keep it on the ground!

Stick that one in your manifesto, Mr Farage.

So are you voting wisely?

Vote with your heart

If your heart is dark and money is your only concern in this world, then you’re wasting your time reading this, and you will vote for ‘business as usual’ no matter what I say. For the rest of humanity, the picture is much more prominent.

I love solar panels and alternative energy and believe the future of our civilisation is dependent on developing it further. It’s not the easiest or cheapest path, but the alternative detailed above is a much scarier road to walk down.

It is well documented that both David Cameron and George Osborne intend to, “get rid of all this green crap” and oddly now intend to go against the global growth in renewable energy technologies.

Improvement to the economy not only by the expansion of the alternative energy industry (skills that can export internationally) but also through the extra spending power put into the pockets of the nation no longer shackled down by ever-increasing the cost of heating and powering our homes. “Green crap” as described by Mr Cameron and Osborne – I think not!

The current obsession with ‘fracking’ can only ever be a sticking plaster remedy to the long-term problem of securing our energy needs and will destroy the countryside far more than any wind farm. The industrial-scale destruction of fracking is permanent.

We as voters and parents need to look beyond the next election because most politicians can’t.

They say the devil is in the detail. Little more than code for we are going to turn the North of England into the largest fracking zone in Europe.

This danger could soon surround your beloved home.

Short term investment for long-term benefits

An industrialised countryside or progress and move towards an ‘alternative energy powerhouse’ that the whole country can benefit. An economic trickle-down effect that today’s politicians can get behind, but because of their post parliament ambitions!

If there’s one thing the world has agreed upon about climate change, it is that two degrees C. Should be the benchmark” to avoid catastrophic weather and year on year crop failures.

The vision to implement the beginnings of a cleaner-powered future should be prioritised over the ‘throwing candy about’ politics that we see today. Help protect and support our alternative energy vision from ‘husky hugging’ politicians who turned their back on the environment and your children’s future with it.

The fossil fuel industry and our current crop of politicians are condemning us to climate disaster and waves of immigrants that will make today’s levels look like the tip of a somewhat melting iceberg.

I expect you will be waiting for me to say, “vote green” but you’re wrong.

The Labour party had the foresight in 2009 to begin the transition to alternative energy with its incentive schemes for alternative technologies such as solar panels. And as an ex-Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, I feel Mr Miliband and his party have the passion and knowledge to ensure alternative energy get protected as an integral part of the United Kingdom’s future.

The opposite is true with Mr Cameron and his party.

Vote solar panels and help avoid ‘fracking up’ the future.

"Feel the pride."

Stuart Lovatt 2015-04-28