My PV solar panelled vision unfolding

Last updated on February 4th, 2018 at 11:57 am

The drive to be the biggest green energy economy is on with PV solar panels.

A PV solar panelled century is unfolding - finally.

A PV solar panelled century is unfolding – finally.

Germany with a similar climate to the UK has already won that accolade, as they produce so much power from wind and solar panels that they export excess power to neighbouring countries for free.

This increase in alternative generation also led to a marked decrease in coal-based electricity generation.

Just take a moment to digest those facts.

This week, more justification of my dogged and somewhat baffling (to some) determination to see the solar technology’s rightful place in our progression, has come in thick and fast this week with some of the most influential people in the world.

Today, a ‘green energy’ vision is now shared by both US presidential candidates who “see these green technologies as the greatest opportunity for economic growth” since the advent of the motor vehicle. Even Germany this week has proclaimed to be on the road to banning all petrol-powered cars within twenty years.

The reality that the world is dealing with the facts of its problems and finally pushing the human race forward, despite the UK dragging its feet like a belligerent toddler with a sugar addiction.

You want Coal, they or their families own the mines. You want Oil and Gas; they own the wells. You want Nuclear; they hold the Uranium. You want solar power, unsurprisingly, they say solar isn’t feasible because they can’t meter the sun.

Surprisingly, not everyone in Britain shares this future vision, only because solar-power cannot be controlled or metered for profit. Unfortunately, we in the UK live in a media-controlled land, led by politicians and media barons with allegiances to keeping the fossil burning.

So the next time you hear someone say “Solar panels don’t work well in the UK”, you can almost guarantee that they get their thoughts, tastes and attitudes from newspaper barons who have personal financial interests in continuing the status quo.

And that’s how you ended up with frackers on your doorstep.

In fact, in this crazy economic model, they have intertwined the baby boomers pension funds with the continued burning of dead dinosaurs. That’s the real reason newspaper owners spread misinformation about this alternative technology.

Through no fault of their own, pensioners are now in a situation, where they are reliant on a system that holds back human progress and destroys the future of their predecessors.

However, the tide is now turning, and countries and manufacturers are investing in green-technologies to kick-start the 21st century finally.

I would love to think that Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Angela Merkel and many other of the world’s most visionary world leaders are following my romantic lead, but I suspect the truth is down to a fact of inevitability.

Despite this, that wasn’t obvious even twelve years ago when I first began putting Heat my Home together in my spare time, and I continue this vital work to this day.

My own stubborn and dogged determination to prove naysayers wrong, including the last Cameron-led government who did everything in their power to destroy a fledgeling solar industry – drives me today.

And that brings me to EV technology.

The evolution of PV solar panel technologies

As the UK is still coming to terms with the fact that solar panels; do work, German manufacturers and others worldwide have already been steaming ahead with research and development to tap the potential that solar panels can offer.

Only five years ago, when your photovoltaic system produced surplus energy, the only choice you had was to export that power to the National Grid. Today, new developments in solar technologies mean your PV solar panels can heat your hot water tank, charge your new EV car and even store power with new solar battery storage capabilities for night time usage.

The traditional ‘centralised’ energy model that our media barons have been so determined to hang onto is being eroded away, despite their political meddling and misinformation.

But, the real solar salesmen will be your high energy bills as the promises made by fracking fail to materialise and the mega higher cost of nuclear-based electricity that our esteemed leaders have recently signed us up for – begin to bite.

However, the real benefits of solar panels and new associated technology’s will come apparent as the current glut on the world’s oil market begins to subside. Suddenly, the super smooth, super fast acceleration that comes with a new electric vehicle will get your juices flowing.

Charge your new EV alongside PV solar panels, and the free mileage will just seem super-sensible.

Despite the fact that the bungling of our recent government’s ‘green energy’ policies, a brighter and solar-powered future is now unfolding before our very eyes.

I’m proud that I supported this game-changing technology, even in the darkest of its days.

I hope you can now see the benefits of these new and exciting technologies and adopt them into your life too.

Feel the pride as I have.

Welcome to the 21st century – finally.

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"Feel the pride."
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