The possibility of a secret space program

Revelations are emerging of the second tier of humanity that’s preparing for the downside of peak oil and apparently were not invited.

US President Eisenhower warned us of this, as far back as the early 1960s with his warning of the military-industrial complex exit speech.

Are we easily duped?

Are we easily duped?

So why am I writing about this here? A secretive agenda may be holding back propulsion and energy generation technology, which could help solve the energy and environmental problems we now find ourselves.

“The world’s true power brokers have been managing to keep their secrets from the mainstream populations for well over 60 years now.”

The planets’ life-giving systems are failing fast and the fossil fuel-based economies that our modern-day empire depends upon are nearly gone. While the under tier continues to work to generate wealth on a daily basis, the worlds elite and true power-holders are using our created wealth to orchestrate black governmental projects to push for the stars.

The term ‘Knowledge is power’ has significance here – especially when you look at the hierarchy of historical and modern civilisation.

Our overpopulated and resource-hungry world is heading down a cul-de-sac. With thousands of years of history to learn from, the current paradigm is on a collision course with hard reality and only a small second tier of people can attempt to avoid this fact.

The bottom tier populous has only an edited version of history to go by, but the real power hierarchies are like a bank structure with politicians, including Prime Ministers and presidents as the public-facing branch managers. And, like the bank hierarchy, you will never see the real people making the decisions at the top.

A worldwide awakening seems to be occurring, and the stage props that have convinced so many for so long are deteriorating before our very eyes. In response to this, our civil rights and freedoms, which previous generations once fought so hard to attain, are now being dissolved in a ‘blink and miss it’ rate of change.

A secret space programme?

In light of these revelations, the obvious question to ask is, why wouldn’t there be a secret space programme?

Whistleblowers continually show that the ‘military-industrial complex’ has a technology, which is thirty years more technologically advanced than what you see today. If true could this explain why this leads to the second tier of humanity, who no longer live by our laws; or even the scientific laws as we understand them today?

For example, the disclosure project which has brought to the forefront very credible witnesses that Extra-Terrestrial technology and involvement have already given humanity advanced energy generation systems that would honestly mean the sky’s the limit and beyond.

Advanced knowledge given to ‘privileged” humans is nothing new or modern. The very primitive African tribe called the Dogon people knew about Saturn’s rings, Jupiter’s moons and biological cell division and reproduction which they claim was given to them by the people of the stars.

“The current worldview and history we have grown-up have been edited, deleted and manipulated by the propaganda machine that is Television and all for the benefit of a few.”

The ‘advanced black projects’ or ‘secret space programme’ would make Mr Branson’s endeavours look like a boy scout making a go-kart in comparison. The gradual shutdown of the traditional mainstream space programmes has left many speculating that it was diverting funds away from more exciting off-world projects.

So the big questions are, have the ‘super-elite’ been playing lip-service with the traditional space programme we have all grown-up alongside. How can any of this be financed? How can such substantial budget secrets be kept secret, for so long?

For those who say secrets this big couldn’t be kept a secret for long, then you are correct, and for those who wish to open their eyes, then there are whistleblowers everywhere from the 1940s and all the way to the present day.

From ex-servicemen from the 1950s and all the way to latter-day whistleblowers such as Wikileaks, Gary Mckinnon the infamous hacker who went looking for UFO evidence in the three-letter agency systems – and found it. Piece by piece we can build up a blurry picture of a rabbit hole that stretches so far underground that most of us bottom tier people will never truly grasp how amazing the human story is.

Our human story may just be as fantastic and scary in equal measures.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2014-02-05