Will my electricity meter go backward?

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      Martin Curtis

      When generating more than you use with photovoltaics, does your electric meter go backwards?

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      Stuart Lovatt


      This is something that used to happen to older photovoltaic installations.

      What used to happen with the old magnetic meters is when there is a flow of electrons out of the house, it moved the magnetic dial in the opposite direction reducing the KWH reading.

      Today, all domestic installations have an export meter installed alongside. There is now a legal requirement on all feed-in tariff applications for the recipient to inform the Energy Company if they notice the meter turning backwards.

      Hope this helps.

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      How does one get paid for ones feed-in tariff contributions?

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      Gerald Brady

      It might. Mine did and it ran like that for months before EDF bothered to change it. It was fun watching it spinning backwards.

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      Gerald Brady

      Hello Frank,
      Once everything has been set up you will have to e mail your meter readings every three months and the money will be paid into your bank.

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