Weight of PV solar panels with flat roof specifications

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      Nicholas Howell

      Hi, I’m seriously considering installing solar panels on top of two flat roofs – one on a second storey loft conversion and the other above a kitchen on the ground floor.
      I’d like to get some idea of the average weight of solar panels and therefore the load-bearing specification for flat roofs.
      I’d also like to know the fixing options for A-Frames on the flat roofs i.e. what kind of fixing points would be needed to make the frames and their panels secure for weather in the UK.
      Many thanks
      Nicholas Howell

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      Hi Nicholas

      The PV panels themselves are very lightweight and as little as 33 pounds. The aluminium frame is the heaviest component.

      There are a number of options for flat-roofs, depending on if the installation is part of roof restoration/build or retrofit.

      The easiest and non-penetrating option is Renosol:


      Traditional mounting-brackets that screw into the roof woodwork are available and can be used together with flashing points to weather-proof.

      Roof mount

      Hope this helps.

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