Thermodynamic panels

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    Carl Joseph

    We are interested in thermodynamic panels…
    We are based in Coventry
    4 Bed house
    13 Radiators.
    Combi – Condensing Vaillant boiler
    No Tank.
    3 occupants.
    5 showers per day.
    We require 2 thermodynamic panels.
    Hot water and central heating supply required

    We will consider full supply…
    Or we can try and source the panels and equipment to reduce the cost, meaning we may just need a certified fitter…

    We have considered PV / Solar, but or the house is not suitable…Plus this is also too much cost for us…

    Please suggest certified suppliers…

    Carl Joseph

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    Stuart Lovatt

    Hi Carl

    These guys have been around for many years:

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Stuart Lovatt
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