Thermodynamic heating system and water heating

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    I would like to get more information about thermodynamic heating system and water heating too.
    In our house are water heating by electricity and gas central heating, but we thinking about this system. How much can cost ruffly? And how much cost all the fittings? We would like to have heating system & water heating.


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    Hi Odeta

    The Thermodynamic heating system is simply an air source heat pump system with an additional panel.

    These systems were originally designed for Mediterranean and more temperate climates, nevertheless, they have made their way to the UK too.

    Thermodynamic solar systems are really just a ‘one trick pony’. They contribute to your home heating, although I have heard many reports that the overall annual contributions are debatable.

    For these reasons, I don’t recommend Thermodynamic solar panels on this website and would argue that your money would be better spent purchasing PV solar panels with a PV heating converter. A system that is more versatile and will give you electricity as well as proven heating and other useful lifestyle contributions.

    Hope this helps.

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