Solarman app and network change

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    I am running Solarman app to monitor my Pv system, which includes battery storage. My network hub died and was replaced today, but of course the network name has changed and my ‘plant’ is now offline. How do I get the system to connect to my new network? The original installer of the batteries and monitoring went bust two weeks after the installation so I can’t ask them.

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    Hi Heron

    Sorry, I don’t know anything about Solarman app (only heard of it today) but I’ll do some research on it when time allows.

    I have found this, and hope it’s what your looking for:

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    Hi Stuart

    Thanks for this. I had a look at the FAQ and it looks like I need the setup Quick Guide to take me through the steps but I’ll be darned if I can find it ?. I’ll keep looking..



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    I’ve just emailed them directly a request for a copy of the set-up guide or a link location.

    Let’s see if this brings results.

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    Thank you!


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