Solar water heating with evacuated tubes

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    Jon Carlson

    I have fitted one of your evacuated tube panels and pump kits in 2011 and have been very pleased.

    A neighbour is keen to install one and I was wondering how much an 18 tube direct flow panel and pump/expansion tank kit now costs, with delivery to PL21 9QE area.
    Have there been any changes? I can only see 2 temperature sensors on your diagram instead of the 3 I have.
    I will source the hot water tank separately.

    Thanks, Jon Carlson.

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    Stuart Lovatt

    Hi Jon

    Happy to hear you happy with your purchase.

    (not surprised though 😉

    A lot has happened in the solar industry since your purchase, and we no longer promote evacuated tubes as PV does water heating too.

    Saying that solar tubes are still a fantastic technology and so the market leaders are Kingspan.

    Enjoy the sunshine.

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Stuart Lovatt
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