Solar tiles

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      I hope someone can help with this.

      We have approaced a company who advertised in a self build magazine. We asked what we thought was a simple question which was. “How much does a square meter cost?”

      They are refusing to put a figure on it but want to come and survey the roof. Said roof only exists in our thoughts so far so a bit tricky that.

      So two questions. Do the solar tiles work reasonably well as we do not want panels on the roof, and has anyone a rough idea of the cost of them?


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      Hi Pete

      Solar panel technology cannot be costed per square meter. They are sold as system sizes (how much electricity at peak times) i.e. 1kW, 2kW up to 5kW for domestic.

      There are many variants that also affect price such as installation issues, roof safety add-on’s etc.

      Tiles are good at what they do, but very costly.

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