Can we create an unusual solar roof covering?

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      Ron Brennan

      Dear Sirs,

      I have, together with my colleagues in Denmark, worked for a considerable time, creating a design for an environmentally friendly and affordable concept of construction. The basic design and prototype structure has been tested by Structural Consulting Engineers and found to be sound and compliant with EU Building Regulations.

      The design is of a modular nature with aluminium, fibreline and other materials. The smallest structure is 6m X 6m and there is no maximum, as all structures will comprise of multiple numbers of the basic unit.

      Initially in the U.K the houses will have pitched roofs, each side measuring 18m x 5.5m or 12m X 5.5m . Covering will be aluminium sheets.

      I am seeking to have solar panels designed to completely cover the roofs so as to form the outer shell. We have avoided the use of organic and toxic materials and would like to keep it that way but that apart any material that will be durable and withstand weather conditions will be considered.

      The houses are intended to be for the “affordable” market so economy is also important.

      The concept does not utilise traditional building materials and can be erected by unskilled labour, very quickly, so there should be a considerable market world wide. The need in the U.K alone should provide sufficient quantities to make the preparatory work worthwhile.

      i will be grateful if you can give an indication of the Kwh that could be delivered by using the available space and of course an idea of cost..

      Your co-operation will be appreciated and hopefully handsomely rewarded.


      Ron Brennan

      Reipur Environmental Solutions Ltd

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      Hi Ron

      The ‘affordable’ aspect seems to be the main point here and if I understand the pre-fabricated nature of the build, I think your best using a ‘roll out’ photovoltaic solar panels as shown here:

      You will have to contact the manufactures for figures and costs, but the important thing is; the technology exists to help your situation.

      This is not a solution for a typical slate/tiled roof covering.

      Hope this helps.

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      Ron Brennan

      Thanks Stuart. Your advice looks to be an ideal solution. I am getting old so ideas take a little while to sink in.
      However, I will seek a manufacturer and see where it takes me.
      Thanks again and best wishes
      Ron Brennan

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