PV solar panels powering an EV

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      Currently, have no power supply to my standard size garage, would it possible to install PV solar on to the roof of the garage? Would this generate enough power for an EV, I would expect to have some battery storage capability.

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      Hi Steve

      Yes, you could run a small off-grid set up with PV solar management box feeding into battery and EV-charging port installed by an accredited electrician.

      The only downside to this set-up is the lack of charging abilities during the darkest days of winter.

      The second option would be to create a PV solar-charging station similar to the ones at motorway service stations with primary solar charge and spurred from the home supply as back-up.

      Third option is to just install PV solar capabilities to benefit the main house and then your EV-charging can feed on that home set-up and installed by our MCS accredited installers.

      However, (I suspect) the battery storage on the first and second option would have to be Li-on and sized to match the EV’s battery size, which makes the third option to be much more sensible.

      I hope one of our installer contributors can confirm this?

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