PV solar panels on separate roofs

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      John Gregory

      I am thinking of having a 1.5kW Solar panel system fitted to my Garage roof and use the 2.5mm supply cable as the feed back to the home consumer unit. Also to have a 2.5kW Solar panel system fitted to the main house roof. There is a 4mm cable running to the attic that can be used as the feed back to the home consumer unit. My questions are:
      1) Can this be done using the existing cables only?
      2) How does the system detect a grid power cut? (since there will be 3 sources of synchronised power supplies). i.e. when the electricity supply to the house fails the garage solar panel system will see the voltage being generated from the main house roof system and vise versa. So neither system would see a loss of power?

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      Stuart Lovatt

      Hi John

      Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been away.

      What you’re basically talking about here is similar to an East/West split installation.

      Different orientations should be separate or a multi-string, but you’d get a much better yield from two inverters.

      That said, with PV you’ll get more by putting it all on the West side of the property and without the cost of two inverters. The afternoon sun is generally brighter than the morning sun, so West works better than East.

      Regarding the other questions, I must declare, I’m not a technical installer, just an enthusiast, so you can find good technical advice here:


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