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    Howard Webb

    I am planning 12 panels, but the south facing roof is partly shaded early in the day from the east by a single chimney.
    The effect could be mitigated by installing the panels……five in the first lowest row nearest the gutter, four in the next row and three in the last highest row nearest the ridge. The panel rows would all start with the first panel close to the western edge. This would mean the panel rows would all start on the left hand edge of the roof, but the right hand edge of the array would step up 5-4-3.( I hope this makes sense!)I would be very grateful for any comments, particularly as to how such an arrangement would look.

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    Some people like to monitor the system panel by panel and will install SolarEdge or Enphase for this reason, but they are more expensive than standard inverters.

    Shading is on a case by case basis, every property is different. Sometimes using Solaredge or Enphase for a minimal amount of shading is not worth it.

    You should receive a shading chart showing the portion of your roof that is affected.

    I’d be wary of any company that does not do this as part of the quotation process.

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    Howard Webb

    Stuart thanks for your reply.
    I was particularly asking if there were any comments on the look of the panel array I have in mind?
    Any thoughts?
    Howard Webb

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    Hi Howard

    The question is titled shading?

    Nevertheless, some arrays can look neater than others. Consulting with your installer should give you a better indication of its final look and finish.


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