Self install of my on-grid pv system?

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      Scott ferguson

      Hi, wondering if someone can help.
      I am looking to install my own PV system and battery storage. I was planning on mounting the inverter & running all cables to the inverter and connecting everything up, following regulations etc.
      The question is, am I allowed? The plan was to have an electrician or MSC certified installer look over etc and connect to the grid. My worry is that they won’t want to do a final install on anything they haven’t done themselves.

      So not sure what to do now, if I should go ahead or cancel my order for my equipment etc. or install an off grid system and power a few dedicated circuits in my home?

      Any recommendations?
      Many thanks

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      Hi Scott

      Your correct, by signing off and installation, an MSC installer is taking full legal responsibility for it. No installer would do that, without using his own sourced equipment and trust in his installation team.

      Best you can hope for is having a secondary off-grid power source using your battery set-up.

      Hope this helps.

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      Scott Ferguon

      HI Stuart,
      It does yeah, the question I now have is if the msc installer/certificate will only allow me to export electricity to the gird… Can I just not export to the grid ?

      The inverter I am looking at I can set that it doesn’t export/sell my produced electricity.

      As long as I follow all the correct install regulations etc. Is there any bodies that will be after me due to the DIY install ?(ovb still having an electrician connecting to my fuseboard.)

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