What do you think of Romag solar panels?

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      Has anyone any views on Romag solar panels, model no: RSM6 (60) they are assembled in Consett, Co Durham, but I note the company was bailed out in 2011 by Gentoo> My local solar panel supplier is very keen on them. I am concerned, due to past history and whether the 10 yr warranty is worth the paper its written on. They come in a black finish and have no better or no worse performance than any other panel on the market. I would value some opinion, please.

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      Stuart Lovatt

      Although we don’t comment on individual manufacturers or brands, there are (like any other industry) varying degree’s of quality.

      In regard to performance, panels do vary depending on whether they are Mono-crystalline or Poly-crystalline.

      Even these systems vary with a difference of 180-240 watts per panel. This kind of difference will make a big difference to your overall ‘return on investment’ over the long lifespan of the feed-in tariff scheme.

      As such, we would always recommend that you get three quotes because the brand may be good, but the non-affiliated installers may be expensive, or vice versa.

      You may find this article helpful: https://www.powermyhome.uk/pv-solar-panels/return-investment-linked-price-pay-solar-panels

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      I currently work at Romag and I can tell you the company is going strong so the 10 year warranty is worth every letter.

      FYI – They are mono cells at 245 watt. (I’m just a production monkey though haha)

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