Remove & reinstall solar panel cost

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    robert hinchcliffe

    Anyone know how much it would cost to remove and reinstall 4kw solar panel array? am considering having roof replaced.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Depending on the installer, 40-60% of an average installation cost is the installation process.

    Hope this helps.

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    Tom Daly

    Anyone know of a local (Edinburgh, Scotland) solar panel installer who can take the panels off and re-install them at a new address. We have 14 panels altogether

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      Hi Tom

      Today, I really don’t think removing and reinstalling is very cost effective. PV costs have reduced considerably over the last few years, so it would work out cheaper to reinstall a new system at your new address, rather than upping sticks with your old system.

      Additionally, your old system will be a great incentive to buy for house purchasers, as the feed-in tariff is limited to the address of the installation and is not transferable to a new address.

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