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      Hi, looking for a reality check on a quote I have received today. I have been quoted £8645 for a 4kw system using Solarworld Black 16 x 250w panels with a German inverter (sorry did not catch the name of this). My roof is south east facing (15 degrees off south), with a roof pitch of 25 degree. Access is straightforward with a concrete tiled roof, with very little shading. They have quoted a SAP production estimate of 3553 kwh and a first year return of £1200. My annual consumption is 12000 kwh electricity per year. Can anyone she light on whether this quote seems realistic and if the proposed panels are of good quality ?

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      Stuart Lovatt

      Seems a couple of grand too expensive. For a comparative quote, you can contact our network of MCS installers at:


      The calculations seem correct and the panels, once you have sourced from a reasonably priced installer and fitted them, will work very well for you. Yes, even in Blighty.

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      Solar Stu

      I wrote an article which may help solar ponderers when looking for quotes. The gist of the article strongly points out the need to think about the price you pay and the quality of the solar technology you install to maximise your return on investment.

      Return on investment is linked to the price you pay for your solar panels

      Hope this helps.

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      Hi Mark

      Just give yourself and this site a pat on the back. You have saved yourself thousands of pounds and some heartache. Just read some of the stories on here from folks that have been mis-sold to and are trying to get recompense to see what could have happened.

      However, please don’t let your initial experience put you off having a further look at solar. You now have a good idea of what return to expect.

      So if you can get a quote from a decent ethical installer of around the £6000 mark, then this will bring you in say £850 per year, tax free and index linked. You won’t get anywhere near that from your bank or building society.

      best of luck

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      I would agree with Normans points. Knowledge and experience is key. I go to houses in what could probably be classed as very casually dressed and it’s never done me any harm. Having the ability to get the customer to trust you is more important than how shiny your shoes are. In the past ive ruined two very expensive suits climbing into lofts!!!!

      Although not too long ago I went to see a potential customer and before I even had the chance to send a quote he phoned to say he had placed his order with another company because and I quote ” the sales rep looked more professional in his suit” I couldn’t help but laugh. I then asked him 4 questions- what panel are you getting, what mounting system are you getting, what inverter are you getting and lastly what are you paying for it.

      Answers were – not sure, not sure, not sure and £8995.

      I then asked him is paying £3k more than you need to more important what clothes I wear. By the end of the conversation he had confirmed he will cancel and we got the job in the end and he was delighted because knowledge took over.

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