Project Solar, good, bad, indifferent?

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    Project Solar havent been to us yet but are booked to visit.
    They seem to be saying that they are opperating a scheme that would pay for itself and provide reduced energy bills.
    Are they good and trustworthy, is there somewhere else we should be looking instead.
    Any advice and experience very welcome.

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    Hi Sam

    Always get three comparison quotes here.

    We had Project Solar’s sales manager on our forum a while ago and he proved himself to be untrustworthy with the information he was telling customers. (Putting it politely).

    See for yourself:

    Yes, there is a government scheme and you can learn about that here:

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    The only Government Scheme for solar panels is called the Feed In Tariff. If you click on the link under incentives on this page it will give you more information.

    In my view avoid any company that offer solar panels using phrases like “no up front costs” or “self funding solar packages”.

    These phrases are “hooks” to get you to sign up for a long term loan at rates of up to 10%. Plus, in my experience, the systems are also well over priced to start off with.

    If you are interested in solar, and would need to borrow to fund it then I would advise you to first of all to go to your bank or building society or even supermarket and arrange the finance yourself before inviting a ny companies in to quote.

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