Pricing on a photovoltaic system

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    can you give me some advice please on panels.
    got a price of 12 x 327 sun power MCS panels / samil invertor / GEO solo monitor £6775 would you say this a good price.

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    Solar Stu


    Sunpower panels are smaller panels with smaller warranties than some others in the market.

    They classed as Tier 1 panels i.e. They have a 3rd party back its performance and are Grade A quality so will be a good panel.

    Have you also seen the PowerRouter solar inverter with web monitoring as standard?

    Pricing seems reasonable, though.

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    Your Return on Investment is completely linked to the initial price you pay.

    You may get a better return on the Sunpower but will it be £3k more over a 20 year period – I doubt it

    My advice would be to stick to a good named panel and European Inverter which should be installed sub £6K and based on your SAP figures and assuming 50% electricity usage you should be returning around 15% i.e. £800 – £900 per year.

    The SAP calculation is always in your start point and if you are happy with that return, then you will not go far wrong.

    I would not base my investment strategy on claims of certain panels outputting 10, 20 or even 30% more electricity when MCS has already determined that the SAP Calculation is the best and most honest measure.

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    Right I finally took the plunge! I posted a week or so ago about a quote that I received from Heart and Solar in Bradford. I felt the quote was way too high so I posted here for advice. Following both Mark and Mike’s advice I cancelled my contract with Heart and Solar and shopped around. In total I got 5 other quotes (including quotes and some much needed solar panel education from Mike, thanks a lot for that much appreciated. The quotes ranged from the ridiculous again (Solarlec at £8500 for sharp panels) but I’m happy to say all of the other quotes were all similarly priced at £6000 and under so not everyone is out to extort customers. After much internet searching and endless reading of solar panel datasheets and efficiencies of inverters I decided to go with LG black panels and stecagrid inverter. I’m sure everyone else was offering equally good or better performing panels, but as a solar outsider, I’d never heard of most of the manufacturers and in order to buy with confidence I felt I should at least go for a name I recognise. So again a big thanks to everyone on here you have saved me a good £3000 and I feel I got better kit to boot. The morale of the story, shop around!!

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    On the electricians forum the general opinion is that premium panels, i.e. Sunpower, Sanyo (Panasonic) BenQ will add about 8% extra generation per year.

    So on a standard South facing system with no shading its about 280 extra kilowatts per year.

    So in financial terms, that’s about £48 extra in FIT income and £15 in electricity savings.

    So if a premium panel says £2000 extra. Your Return On Investment will be an extra five years.

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