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      Robert Tucker

      I expect to be buying a property to live in as my home in the near future and wonder how amenable I’m likely to find local councils to solar panel installation. Even if the installation were to be less than 9m² and within no-planning-needed guidelines I guess it might be as well to know how the council would feel about an installation, roof or ground.

      How likely is one to gain planning permission for ground installations that come closer than 5m to one’s neighbour’s garden, if they’re less than 9m², if they’re larger than 9m², if your property is large enough for multiple arrays? Suppose one had a tiered garden going up (steeply) from the back of the house, is one likely to get planning permission for an array going right across the furthest back uppermost tier? Suppose the property was in view from some monument or site of historical importance (but itself wasn’t a listed building)?

      Any idea, please?

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      Hi Robert

      Planning permission has been relaxed for solar panels for many years, with only listed building and ‘areas of natural outstanding beauty’ being restricted.

      It really depends on your local area and getting quotes from local installers here; whom will already have a good idea about councils attitudes in their working areas.

      I would suggest that with any ‘non-standard’ type of installation as you are suggesting, I would liaise and put together a proposal first, then discuss with your council to ascertain feasibility with your documentation if required.

      I have seen arrays in the most of unlikely of places nowadays – so never say never.

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      Robert Tucker

      Hi Stuart

      Thanks for the reply. Only found it today.

      The problem is I’m looking at quite a number of parts of the country and possibly a number of properties in each.

      Have you any idea of the origin of the within 5m of the curtilage rule when no planning permission is required? I could understand 2m if your neighbour might need access to your property to maintain his or even if there was mains voltage about, but 5m seems to suggest that an installation shouldn’t overwhelm a property except its roof.

      For instance, I’d think this back garden “ledge”:

      might be ideal for an installation, but I don’t know that the neighbours or Cornwall council would agree. They’d prefer the sight of sweaty sunbathers!?

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      If I were living in the property below, I wouldn’t want sweaty sunbathers overlooking my house, so they probably won’t object to a solar panel installation there instead.

      Knock on their door and ask them – I would suggest.

      Sorry I can’t help any further.


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