Output from 4KW panels on hottest/sunniest day of the year.

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      The panels on our roof are approximately 3 years old. Do they lose their efficiency? They are south facing.
      Initially we were getting 3.9Kw. Now today, 15/9/2016, and yesterday, in CM0 postcode, Essex, the reading is 2.4Kw. Surely we should be expecting a higher reading? We have no idea who to ask for advice, hence our posting here.
      Any opinions please.

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      Contrary to popular belief, pv solar panels work more efficiently in cooler and sunnier weather.

      External air temperature does not make the panels work better. Peak time of the year will be summer solstice time (Jun 21st) and any other time either side of that date will reduce the amount of sun exposure and thus your systems generating capacity.

      The sun rises (6.48am) and sets later (7.26pm) at the moment so you’re potentially getting 4 hours less sun exposure time.

      That said, if you do feel your system is not as it was, then I would recommend getting it assessed for potential issues:


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      Most good modern photovoltaic panels should still be producing at 95% of their original generating capacity 20 years from their installation date.


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