Off-grid solar-charging for electric car

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      sean redfern

      Afternoon.just enquiring if do off-grid solar for charging electric car.i live in a flat & having trouble with getting charge point due too problems with the landlord with letting me tap into there wiring.i was thinking about solar panels on a post as needs to be in the parking space that I own

      Sean Redfern

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      Hi Sean

      Yes, I wrote about this issue in my last article

      Your idea sounds easy in theory, but PV installers will only do installations on-grid nowadays and would be problematic (safety wise) to charge a single appliance in the way you propose as the charger would still need to be wired to the network for charging when the sun is absent.

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      Kim Bradford

      Hello, I would like to inquire about/gain advice on installing an off-grid charging system at home. Like Sean, I also live in a block of flats, but have an en bloc garage at the rear of the property where I can park my EV in front – the garage has a flat roof and is south facing, so potential for PV solar panel system (with an inverter and a power storage battery inside the garage, but sadly without a smart meter as there is no wi-fi there), which the property management would prefer, as they have refused permission for any ground works to install a dedicated grid connection. So far I have found lots of solar PV installers, but few with experience in EV car charging (I have been told I need anywhere from 1 PV panel to 20 to charge my eGolf!) and none with experience of setting up EV charging off-grid. I also can’t really get any solid advice on whether any grants exist to help with installation costs, either for residential or through my own Ltd Co (for me as an employee). Many thanks!

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      Hi Kim

      Firstly, there aren’t any grants or financial help with the installation cost.

      Your correct, PV installers (generally) don’t install off-grid systems and can only do on-grid installations. EV-charging points are relatively easy to install (just like installing an outside plug), or additional electrical spur Part P required.

      Off-grid PV installations were common twenty years ago, but not so much nowadays since the feed-in tariff.

      The battery storage would need to be equal in size to the battery in your Ecar.

      A solar management box will keep that battery topped-up until connected to your car battery.

      Sorry, I can’t help any further.

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