MCS-solar installers certification

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      Hi there,
      I am a competent person that although not a qualified electrician, I would consider myself more than satisfactory to install a PV Solar system. However, how do I get it certified, I know all the best practices to run cabling low and high voltage. I have 1st and 2nd fixed, structured cabling installations and have certificates from the various companies to support this.

      I look forward to hearing from you soon.
      Kind regards

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      Hi Colin

      It’s great to hear from eager potential installers. There will be many people like yourself needed to transform our economy over the next decade.

      The MCS-accreditation is the qualification required by the installation company only. This standards-based accreditation ensures systems are signed off legally, to a BRE (building regulations Executive) standard, and more recently, customers get treated with respect.

      All you need to do is prove your competency and qualifications with any future employer.

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